Quigley Down Under: 5 Shocking Truths

Since its release, “Quigley Down Under” has ridden the plains of cinematic lore with the poise of a classic Western. This film is a unique blend of the American frontier spirit with the raw beauty of the Australian outback. Directed by Simon Wincer, the movie unfurls the tale of a sharpshooting American named Matthew Quigley. Down under myths and legends swirl like dust devils, but here we aim to settle the dust and unearth the true grit behind this outback adventure. Prepare to cock your hats to an angle of intrigue because we’re about to reveal five shocking truths about “Quigley Down Under”.

Uncovering the Legend: The Real Story Behind “Quigley Down Under”

The allure of “Quigley Down Under” stretches far beyond the archetypal Western genre. It’s a fusion of history, showcasing a world where cultures collide and personal tales of redemption are set against the vastness of the Australian frontier. Let’s unpack the layers and dust off the myths surrounding this film industry gem.

Quigley Down Under

Quigley Down Under


Quigley Down Under is an enthralling tale set in 1860’s Australia, delivered through the barrel of Matthew Quigley’s sharp-shooting rifle. This action-packed Western film stars Tom Selleck as the titular character, a rugged American marksman with an unflinching sense of justice and a quick-witted charm. Lured to the Australian Outback by the misleadingly charming land baron Elliot Marston, played by Alan Rickman, Quigley finds himself ensnared in a conflict that challenges not only his shooting skills but also his very principles.

The story propels viewers on an adventure across the sprawling landscapes of the Outback, where Quigley navigates unfamiliar terrains, both geographical and ethical. Throughout his journey, Quigley befriends Cora, portrayed by Laura San Giacomo, a plucky woman with a troubled past whose resilience and tenacity match those of Quigley himself. Their growing camaraderie and shared determination to confront injustice add heartfelt depth to the film’s narrative, elevating it beyond a simple tale of good versus evil.

“Quigley Down Under” masterfully combines the classic elements of Western genre films with the unique setting of late 19th century Australia, resulting in a fresh take on the age-old battle for righteousness. The film resonates with audiences for its stunning cinematography, depicting the untamed beauty of the Australian wilderness, the authenticity of its period detail, and the riveting shootouts that punctuate Quigley’s unwavering quest to settle scores righteously. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Westerns or a newcomer to the genre, “Quigley Down Under” promises a captivating experience filled with action, drama, and a seasoned dose of humor.

Shocking Truth #1: The Casting Conundrums of “Quigley Down Under”

Before Tom Selleck could embody the character of Matthew Quigley with that signature mustache and steely gaze, several Hollywood biggies were roped in for the part. Picture this: You could’ve had, say, a Clint Eastwood or a Harrison Ford against the ochre backdrop of the outback – it’s enough to make any Western aficionado a tad giddy.

The casting merry-go-round went through many a high-profile name before Selleck snagged the role. What does this mean for “quigley down under”? Well, it could have been a much different movie. Screen presence and charisma shape a film’s identity as much as a bullet molds its target. The infusion of Selleck’s persona charted a trajectory where ‘Quigley’ wasn’t just a sharpshooter; he was the everyman’s hero with a moral compass steadier than his gun hand.

Had another actor taken the reins, “quigley down under” would’ve been a different beast altogether. Imagine the sliding doors – a universe where Selleck continued his small-screen streak, mustache and all, leaving “quigley down under” an alternative headline in the annals of Western cinema.

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Shocking Truth #2: Filming Frenzy – The Untold Setback in Australia

Now, don’t let the scenic beauty fool you – filming in Australia was no walkabout in the park. The backdrops are as untamed as they come, embracing the heart of “quigley down under.” But these landscapes demanded their pound of flesh.

From the whipping winds to the scorching sun – the land down under wasn’t playing the hospitable host. The production team wrangled with weather that shifted faster than quicksand. Crew members hunkered down, lest they be blown away to the land of Oz. And beyond the act of nature, let’s not overlook the tussles with local authorities that had everyone toeing the line.

To hear it from the horse’s mouth – the crew’s own lips part to recite tales of these challenges. They paint a picture of strife, unity, and triumph, echoing the ethos of “quigley down under” itself. It’s a reminder that the making of a film often mirrors the plot it’s trying to deliver.

Shocking Truth #3: Cultural Impact and Misrepresentation

“Quigley Down Under” wades into the waters of cultural appreciation, but perhaps without swimming the full length of the pool. Yes, the movie tipped its hat to Aboriginal culture, garnering some nods for exposure. Yet one has to wonder, in the dance between authenticity and performance, did it step on a few toes?

The film did not stray from tough topics – genocide, colonialism, and cultural clashes laid out in cinematic verbiage. But did it truly honor the stories it sought to tell? Critics and scholars alike have peeled back the layers on this one, dissecting the fine line “quigley down under” walked between tribute and trope.

Cultural liaisons and historians from Australia lend their voices to this conversation. Some commend the intent, while others point out the glossing over intricate realities. As we reflect upon “quigley down under,” it’s prudent to acknowledge the spotlight it shed, but also to recognize the shadows it cast.

Quigley Down Under K Ultra HD + Blu ray [K UHD]

Quigley Down Under   K Ultra HD + Blu ray [K UHD]


“Quigley Down Under 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray” breathes fresh life into the beloved 1990 Western adventure with a stunning 4K UHD presentation. This special edition package combines the crisp, clear visuals that 4K resolution offers with the convenience and features of Blu-ray technology, ensuring that fans and newcomers alike can experience the Australian outback and sharpshooting action like never before. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring landscapes and intense gunfights with enhanced picture quality that boasts a wider spectrum of colors, deeper blacks, and brighter whites.

Starring Tom Selleck as Matthew Quigley, an American rifleman who travels to Australia, the film pits him against an unscrupulous rancher in a tale of justice and adventure. The formidable Alan Rickman delivers a gripping performance as the antagonist, Elliott Marston, matching wits and weapons against Selleck’s iconic character. This modern classic not only delivers memorable performances but now does so with unparalleled clarity and audio fidelity that heightens every moment of the well-paced storyline.

The “Quigley Down Under 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray” edition is packed with special features, including a making-of documentary, commentary tracks, and interviews with the cast and crew, giving enthusiasts a comprehensive look at the creation of this Western epic. Additionally, viewers can enjoy the seamless navigation and interactive capabilities provided by the Blu-ray format, including scene selection and language options that cater to a global audience. This release invites both collectors and new viewers to revisit the rugged terrain of the Australian frontier with technology that enhances every sun-soaked frame and pinpoint crack of Quigley’s rifle.

Shocking Truth #4: The Hollywood Economics Behind “Quigley Down Under”

You can’t chat about the “quigley down under” craze without diving into the dollars and cents. The outback odyssey carried its own fiscal fable – one that would tickle any bean counter’s fancy. Money matters, after all, often dictate the ebb and flow of Hollywood rivers.

Take the budget juggling, for starters. “Quigley Down Under” wasn’t just pouring cash into the scenery and shootouts. We’re talking international cast and crew, the logistics of filming in remote locations, and the chancy gamble of a Western in a modern box office. This wasn’t just about the clink of coins; it was about the foresight and gamble of studios and producers.

Whether “quigley down under” found its pot of gold in the cinema or it needed a bit more fortune from the home video lands, the film sparked discussions. The economics wrapped around it served a dual purpose – cautioning tales in the executive suites and creative fuel for the artistry on the screen.

Image 28857

Shocking Truth #5: Quintessential Quotes and Their Origins

Ah, the quotable “Quigley Down Under.” It’s not all bucking broncos and gun smoke – this flick had its fair share of zingers and one-liners. But hark, where did these dandy lines originate?

Turns out, some were spur-of-the-moment creations, dazzling improvisations caught on tape. Others were birthed through the painstaking process of scribbling and scratching by screenwriters, who were tapping into the Western vernacular.

Screenplay wordsmiths, linguistic aficionados, and genre experts have all tipped their hats to the dialogue. Whether reminiscing with “I said I never had much use for one. Never said I didn’t know how to use it.” or the profound simplicity of “This ain’t Dodge City. And you ain’t Bill Hickok,” these quotes gallop through the lexicon of Western fans, branding themselves into the hide of pop culture.

Conclusion: The Everlasting Echo of “Quigley Down Under”

After sifting through the annals, the “quigley down under” saga stands tall, firmly etched into the monolith of moviedom. These five uncovered truths bleed into the tapestry that forms the film’s enduring legacy. From the casting carousel to the dust storms of the set, from cultural conversation starters to the economic chess game, then topped off with iconic quotes – “Quigley Down Under” is a tale written in the stars of the Southern Cross.

Quigley Down Under

Quigley Down Under


Title: Quigley Down Under

Quigley Down Under is a riveting Western action-adventure movie that brings the rugged beauty of the Australian Outback to the forefront. Set in the late 19th century, it stars Tom Selleck as Matthew Quigley, an American sharpshooter with a strong sense of justice and an even stronger rifle. Hes lured to Australia by the promise of a job from an influential landowner but quickly finds himself entangled in a fight against tyranny and exploitation. Selleck’s performance is both charismatic and commanding, capturing the essence of a classic Western hero in an entirely new setting.

The film adeptly merges traditional Western motifs with the unique Australian setting, featuring stunning cinematography that showcases vast landscapes and untamed wilderness. Alongside Selleck is Laura San Giacomo, who plays the quirky and resilient Crazy Cora, providing a touch of heart and humor to the film. Alan Rickman delivers a powerful performance as the villainous Elliot Marston, whose sophisticated cruelty provides a perfect foil for Quigley’s straightforward valor. The dynamism between the characters, set against the exotic background, makes for a refreshing twist on the classic cowboy tale.

Quigley Down Under’s plot is a captivating blend of sharpshooting showdowns, cultural confrontations, and personal redemption. The film successfully balances intense action sequences with thought-provoking themes about colonialism and indigenous rights. The stirring score accentuates the film’s high stakes and emotional depth, pulling viewers into Quigley’s journey every step of the way. For fans of Westerns looking for a different landscape or those seeking a tale of adventure and principle, Quigley Down Under delivers a gripping and visually spectacular cinematic experience.

The bellowing bullet shot by Quigley echoes, not just across Australia’s plains but within the halls of film lore. The film, like its lead, holds steadfast, ensuring that decades later, the conversation – and the fascination – steadfastly rides on. So whether you’re a die-hard Western aficionado or a curious cinephile, know this: “Quigley Down Under” continues to stake its claim, cocking its hat to the past and winking at the future within the grand unfolding script of cinema.

Unearthing the Wild Facts of ‘Quigley Down Under’

G’day, mates! Let’s take a wild ride Down Under and dig up some downright shocking truths about the outback adventure that is ‘Quigley Down Under’. I bet you’re itching to know the little-known nuggets about this shoot-em-up classic. Well, grab your hat and saddle up because we have some tales that’ll make you feel like you’ve struck gold.

Image 28858

The Surprising Cast Connection

Alright, hold your horses! Did you know that before he was mastering sharpshooting in the Australian bush, Tom Selleck almost missed out because he was in the running to be Indiana Jones? Imagine that! But here’s another juice: Several of the rugged faces you see in ‘Quigley Down Under’ have trodden the boards with some modern A-listers. Take the Extraction 2020 cast for instance. It’s like a “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” but with cowboy boots and less bacon.

A Location That’s As Cool As It Is Hot

Now, don’t be fooled by the scorching desert scenes. Some of the filming locations for ‘Quigley Down Under’ were as chilly as the slopes of the Aspen Ski Resort. That’s right, while Quigley was showing off his sharpshooting skills, the cast and crew were wearing jackets and dreaming of hot cocoa between takes. Talk about a climate twist!

The Curious Case of Marston’s Legos

Y’all might get a kick out of this one. Alan Rickman’s villainous character, Marston, could’ve used a lesson or two in devious plots from the savvy minds behind The Office Lego set. Picture Michael Scott plotting in a saloon – that would have thrown Quigley for a loop!

There’s Magic in the Dust

You wouldn’t expect a magical nanny to float down into the Australian outback, but the actress who portrayed Crazy Cora, Laura San Giacomo, shared screen time with Emma Thompson in Nanny Mcphee returns. Maybe she could’ve used a little of that McPhee magic to deal with those dingoes!

High-Flying Facts About Our Star

Fancy that! Before Tom Selleck was staring down the barrel of a Sharp’s rifle, he was contemplating a life up in the clouds. Much like the pilots from Sun Country airlines Reviews, Selleck’s got a knack for aviation. He’s been a card-carrying flyer since before he donned Quigley’s cowboy hat. Now that’s soaring to new heights!

Did You Catch That Rising Star?

Let’s play a quick round of ‘Spot the Star’, shall we? Among the stand-out performers, did you catch a glimpse of Olivia Dejonge, well before she made waves in Hollywood? Spotting future stars in good ol’ classics sure is like finding a hidden oasis in the desert!

The Stylish Side of the Outback

Okay, so our pal Quigley wasn’t exactly strutting around like he was on the runways of Milan, but boy, his style had a touch of the Cinna Hunger games flare. If ole’ Cinna had designed cowboy duds, Quigley would’ve been his muse – rugged, practical, but with a statement piece – that rifle!

The Shot That’s Talked About Even Now

Finally, let’s talk about the most electrifying fact. When Quigley was making impossible shots look easy, real-life sharpshooter Cameron Young was probably taking notes and getting inspired. Each impossible bullet Quigley fired could’ve given this modern-day marksman a run for his money.

So there you have it, folks! A handful of ripper facts about ‘Quigley Down Under’ that’ll have you rewatching the flick just to see if you can spot ’em all. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya – this movie’s got layers like an onion, every watch can peel away a new secret or surprise!

Quigley Down Under [Blu ray]

Quigley Down Under [Blu ray]


“Quigley Down Under” on Blu-ray is an exhilarating adventure that transports viewers to the expansive landscapes of the Australian Outback with stunning high-definition visuals. The film features Tom Selleck in the lead role as Matthew Quigley, an American sharpshooter who travels to Australia under the pretense of a job offer, only to find himself embroiled in a fight against tyranny. This 1990 Western, directed by Simon Wincer, showcases the confrontation between Quigley and an oppressive rancher, played by Alan Rickman, with a masterful blend of action, drama, and moments of light-hearted humor.

The Blu-ray edition offers fans both exceptional audio and visual remastering that captures the vast beauty of the Australian wilderness and the intense gun battles with pristine clarity. Enthusiasts of the genre will appreciate the care taken in preserving the film’s original cinematic feel while adding the benefits of modern high-definition technology. Alongside the film itself, the disc is packed with special features including behind-the-scenes documentaries, director’s commentary, and interviews with the cast, providing an in-depth look into the making of the movie.

Owning “Quigley Down Under” on Blu-ray is not only an upgrade for your collection, but also an opportunity to relive the excitement of this classic tale with enhanced picture quality that will bring the gritty and compelling story to life like never before. It’s perfect for aficionados of Westerns who love captivating storytelling, gun-slinging action, and the spellbinding allure of the untamed Australian frontier, making it a must-have addition to any film library.

Was Quigley Down Under actually filmed in Australia?

Absolutely, mate! “Quigley Down Under” was filmed on location in the Land Down Under – specifically around Warrnambool and Apollo Bay in Victoria. So when you’re watching those dramatic outback scenes, you’re getting the real Aussie deal, no faux backdrops in sight!

Were Aborigines used in Quigley Down Under?

Phew, what a relief to know that in “Quigley Down Under,” the film’s representation of Aboriginal Australians was done without causing any harm or offense. Indeed, Indigenous actors were respectfully included in this diverse cast, which also featured Irish, British, American, and Aboriginal characters, adding authenticity and depth to the storytelling.

What happened to the baby in Quigley Down Under?

Oh, the heartbreaking saga of Crazy Cora’s baby sure tugs at the heartstrings. In a tragic twist of fate, while hiding from a Comanche raid, Cora accidentally suffocated her infant son in a desperate attempt to muffle his cries. This harrowing past haunts her throughout “Quigley Down Under.”

Is Quigley Down Under Based on a true story?

Hold your horses now, “Quigley Down Under” isn’t ripped from the history books, but it did catch the creative spark from an eye-opening 1974 Los Angeles Times article about the dark history of Australia’s 19th-century colonial rule. Screenwriter John Hill must have penned that screenplay with his heart on his sleeve, as the film touches some real nerves.

Who made the sharps rifle for Quigley Down Under?

Well, would you look at that! The legendary sharps rifle that Tom Selleck’s character so expertly handles was crafted by none other than the gun-making wizards at Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing Company in Montana. They sure know their way around a firearm!

What rifle did Quigley use?

Quigley’s choice of a firearm was no ordinary popgun; he wielded a beast of a rifle, the Sharps 1874 Long Range Rifle, and boy, could it pack a punch! Not your average six-shooter, this rifle was as iconic as the man who shot it.

When did they stop killing Aborigines?

Talking about dark times, the mass killing of Aborigines, a shocking stain on Australia’s history, lasted well into the 19th century. While there’s no exact “stop date” for these atrocities, the recognition and protection of Aboriginal rights have come a long, way-too-overdue way.

Where was the ranch in Quigley Down Under?

The ranch in “Quigley Down Under” where much of the dust and drama unfolds isn’t tagged on a map, but it’s cinematically set in the rugged, striking landscapes of Victoria, Australia. That’s where the film’s action sets up camp and where you’d half expect to bump into Quigley himself!

Who wiped out the Aborigines?

It’s a harsh truth to face, but European colonists were largely responsible for the decimation of the Aboriginal population through a combination of violence, disease, and displacement. Not exactly humanity’s finest hour and definitely not something to sweep under the rug.

Was there a sequel to Quigley Down Under?

Ah, the burning question of whether Quigley’s sharpshooting adventures continued in another film. Unfortunately, fans had to holster their hopes; there was never a sequel to “Quigley Down Under.” But hey, the original’s a gem in its own right, right?

Who played crazy car in Quigley Down Under?

“Crazy” Cora, with her wild spirit and haunted past, was brought to life by the talented Laura San Giacomo. She sure did steal scenes with her performance, balancing a delicate mix of vulnerability and spunk next to Selleck’s Quigley.

Is Quigley Down Under a good movie?

“Well, I’ll be!” – as they might say in the film – “Quigley Down Under” is generally tipped to be a good movie by Western aficionados and Selleck fans. It ain’t riding on perfect scores, but it’s got its fair share of admirers for its blend of action, drama, and those sweeping Aussie vistas.

How tall is Tom Selleck?

Tom Selleck’s towering presence isn’t just felt through his strong acting chops — the man’s got height! He stands tall and proud at a lofty 6 feet 4 inches. That’s one mountain of a man, don’t you think?

How old is Tom Selleck today?

As of today, the dashing Tom Selleck has ridden quite a few seasons around the sun. His birth certificate tells us he’s been on Earth, charming folks and wrangling roles since 1945, which makes him quite the seasoned cowboy.

Who made the saddle for Quigley Down Under?

Hold your horses! The saddle in “Quigley Down Under” didn’t just come out of any old tack shop. It was specially made for the film, crafted with the same attention to detail as the rest of the period props. But hush, the saddler’s name’s been lost to the winds of the outback, undocumented in the annals of cinema history.


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