Fast and Furious Fast X

Fast & Furious 10 is also known as Fast X

Fast and Furious Fast X

Fast & Furious PR manager Vin Diesel was able to announce two pieces of information. First, Fast X is the name of the new Fast film. It has also started filming.

Diesel may be trying to introduce Xs into all his major franchises (what about The RiddiX?) Diesel may be trying to introduce Xs into his big franchises (what next, The RiddiX?).

Justin Lin returns to the role of director for this new installment. We are keeping its story a mystery for now.

Fast And Furious 10

We do know that Diesel’s Dom Toretto, along with the rest of the regular gang, will be back to face off against the evil plans of Charlize Thron’s Cipher as well as a new villain played in part by Jason Momoa.

Brie Larson, a fellow recruit from The Suicide Squad, and Daniela Melchior are high up in the air when it comes to who they will side with.

Fast X (we still disagree with the first person to point out that it should be called Fast Ten Your Seatbelts), will arrive in cinemas on 19th May next year.



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