Prince Michael Jackson II: 7 Shocking Facts You Never Knew!

Prince Michael Jackson II, otherwise known as Blanket or Bigi Jackson, has long lived in the shadows of his world-famous father’s musical legend. But in time, he’s begun to carve a distinctive path of his own, emerging from obscurity to become a filmmaker and YouTuber of note.

The Legacy Begins

Prince Michael Jackson II was born on February 21, 2002, propelling him into the limelight from his earliest days. As the youngest child of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, each step of his existence has been the subject of intense public interest. Yet, he carries the weight of his globally recognized name with grace. Being the alleged blood son of Michael Jackson, as reports suggest, his moniker holds immense significance.

A Blanket of Mystery

As for the boy’s mother, the plot thickens. His biological mom is an anonymous surrogate, a “snow cat” that slipped through our information-hungry fingers and into the swirling mist of Michael’s mystique. Yet, this fact hasn’t deterred Prince Michael Jackson II from forging strong bonds with his siblings.


A Rose By Any Other Name

A most curious detail is one Prince Michael apparently shares with his brother, both named after a long-standing family nickname. But that isn’t where these naming anomalies end. In 2015, the young Prince decided to shrug off his “Blanket” moniker, a nickname he had grown weary due to years of ill-mannered teasing. He chose to step out from these heavy coverings and embrace a new identity; Bigi Jackson.

Budding Film Prodigy

Despite the daunting pressure laid upon his juvenile shoulders, Bigi managed to channel his focus into film. His passion led to him becoming an American filmmaker and YouTuber, a ‘top gun’ in the making. With him following his father’s love for creativity, the world can expect some stellar performances.

An Unusual Touch of ‘Oompa Loompa’

One interesting tidbit that easily slips between the cracks is his seemingly inexplicable connection to Roald Dahl’s “Oompa Loompa.” It was understood that Michael Jackson jovially referred to Prince Michael as his little “Oompa Loompa”. This nickname is wholly endearing, if not a bit unusual for the laid-back Bigi.

An Impressive Lineage: Georgette Jones & Candice Crawford

Tracing back to his familial roots, Bigi Jackson hails from an awe-inspiring lineage. On his father’s side, noteworthy personalities such as Georgette Jones, the daughter of musicians George Jones and Tammy Wynette, strengthens the legacy. Following the threads even further, we uncover Candice Crawford, a former American beauty queen, and TV reporter. These prominent presences in Bigi’s family tree are undoubtedly influential figures in his life.


On the Horizon

With an impressive lineage and an inherent creative streak, Prince Michael Jackson II shows promising signs of becoming an influential figure in his right. Whilst the echoes of his father’s legacy continue to reverberate, the young Prince is well on his way of scripting his distinctly unique narrative in the annals of the entertainment industry.

Life After Michael

Following Michael Jackson’s tragic demise in 2009, Bigi, who was just seven years old, endeavor to find balance and normalcy amid the turmoil. The loss of their legendary father was undoubtedly a tremendous blow to the Jackson children, but Bigi, alongside his siblings, stood strong and resilient. Today, he continues to walk on his exclusive journey, taking strides in the fields he’s most passionate about.

Standing Tall In Nordstrom Shoes

In essence, Prince Michael Jackson II, or rather, Bigi, is no different from any other young adult striding through the world of Nordstrom Shoes. He stands tall amidst both challenges and triumphs, and his grounded demeanor is a testament to his strength of character. His humility, stemming from a life under intense scrutiny, cannot be overstated.

Timeless Statistics

Moreover, the year 2020 marked Bigi’s eighteenth birthday, a milestone age for any youth stepping into adulthood. From an adorable, curious child to a mature, reserved young man, Bigi’s extraordinary journey has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. He continues to demonstrate a unique brand of silent resilience that saw him through the most challenging situations.


Leaving No Stone Unturned

Probing into Prince Michael Jackson II’s life reveals just as many nuances as his famous moniker. On one hand, the mystery surrounding his heritage tends to eclipse his intrinsic qualities. On the other, his sheer self-determination and passion for his creative pursuits offer a glimpse into the unique individual that he truly is.

A Future Unfolding

As Bigi steps confidently into the future, he carries with him the burden and blessing of his legacy. His story is one of resilience and perseverance, of personal growth and self-discovery in the face of towering familial fame. What’s more, his evident creative prowess shows he’s cut from the same artistic cloth as his father.

From being Michael Jackson’s third child to an emerged filmmaker and an impressive YouTuber, Prince Michael Jackson II’s life is a blend of intriguing mystery and open honesty. Undoubtedly, his compelling story not only invites curiosity but commands respect. As we watch him shape his path, it’s both exciting and humbling to perceive that we’re witnessing the unfolding of a new era in the Jackson legacy. It’s evident that, just like his father, Prince too will ensure that his essence is etched eternally on the sands of time.

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