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Mecum Auction: The #1 Spot for Rare Automobile Gems

The Mecum Auction Phenomenon: #1 Spot for Rare Automobile Treasures

The spectral shadow of the global automotive industry hides in its garages an odd phenomenon, the Mecum Auction. Not quite modern, not fully antiquated, it’s a rare blend of charm and competitive spirit and is undoubtedly the number one spot for automobile treasures.

Mecum Auction was the brainchild of Dana Mecum, an auction maestro of American origin. A man whose net worth is estimated at a whopping $50 million. The tangible locomotive legends that we see transacting into millions at the Mecum Auction are remnants of a humble beginning. Started in 1988, the auction house has steadily risen to the zenith, much like a classic tale of rags to riches.

The popularity of Mecum Auction melodies a symphony of factors. But, a quintessential chord in that symphony is Mecum’s unique approach to auctions, shunning the concept of reserves on high value cars, a stark deviation from its rival, Barrett-Jackson’s model. This marked difference puts Mecum at an advantageous position; seeing it successfully sell 1,811 cars in 2013, outclassing Barrett-Jackson’s sales of 1,343 cars.

At the heart of Mecum Auction’s charm lies an innovative approach to the age-old auction system. It marries the thrill of gambling with the love of classic cars, creating a sense of excitement that gnaws at one’s curiosity. The standard bidder registration, standing at $200, while the seller’s commission and entry fees range between $350 to $1000, adds a layer of accessibility, making the auction appealing to a wider demographic.

The Unearthing of Automotive Masterpieces: How Mecum Auction Attracts Top Collectors

Mecum Auction’s unique approach to auctioneering is much like a cinematic plot. Adopting a dynamic and competitive auction model, it continually works towards uncovering rare vehicles. These moves attract top collectors from around the globe, much like a movie premiere attracts an array of celebrities.

At the heart of this process is the colloquially dubbed ‘Mecum Effect’. The seamless process of bidding and acquisitions, coupled with the ambiance of excitement, works like a magnet, making buyers and owners feel like they’re in the filmmaking scene of a high-stakes action movie. The effect is thrilling and leaves one yearning for more.

The typical Mecum Auction collector differs from person to person. But they all share one thing: a deep love for classic automobiles, much like reputable screen favourites Barry Corbin, Sofia Boutella, and Cliff Curtis do for their craft.

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Subject Details
Name Mecum Auctions
Founded by Dana Mecum
Net worth of founder $50 million
Speciality Car auctions
Total cars sold 1,811 (as of Feb 1, 2013)
Competitor comparison Sells 35% more cars than Barrett-Jackson
Bidder registration fee $200 per auction
Consignment entry fee Range from $350 – $1000
Seller’s commissions 6% (no reserve) or 10% (reserve)
Note The consignment entry fee is nonrefundable, but seller’s commissions are only charged if the vehicle is sold.

Mecum Auction’s Magnifying Glass: Close Encounter with Rare Automobile Gems

The variety at Mecum Auction is as diverse as the film roles played by Sofia Boutella. Ranging from eye-catching Camaros to breathtaking Mustangs, it’s a showcase of variety at its finest, similar to Boutella’s acting repertoire ranging from hip-hop dancer to alien warrior in the Star Trek saga.

The most sought-after cars at Mecum Auctions have been much like trending movies. Their unique characteristics and histories have amplified their appeal to collectors, much like a cliff-hanger scene or plot twist as seen in “Jamesy Boy” commands audience attention.

These automobiles are considered gems due to their distinctive characters. They boast exclusive features, history, and rarity, similar to the highly sought after actress Sofia Boutella or the irreplaceable Cliff Curtis.

Noteworthy Participations: Celebrity Attendance and Glamorous Automobiles

Just like directors eyeing stars for their next leading roles, Mecum Auctions has drawn famous faces from across the world, all confessing their love for classic cars.

Automobiles with celebrity history like those seen in “Jamesy Boy” and owned by famous actors like Cliff Curtis and Barry Corbin garner attention. These star vehicle scripts share some similarities with those of the New Orleans pelicans games; high energy, fan participation, and sheer entertainment leaving the spectators in awe.

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The Economic Influence of Mecum Auctions in the Global Automobile Industry

Like a director’s vision sets the tone for a movie, Mecum Auctions significantly influences market trends in the automobile industry. A ripple effect, much like a sweeping Oscar win, can be seen. Collectors, in search of exclusive, high-value vehicles, are willing to shell out big bucks. The result? A steady increase in the prices of these rare automobile treasures.

The gatherings of car enthusiasts at Mecum Auction facilitates heated discussions, spurring growing interest in similar auctions around the globe, a similar trend seen in successful films like the Sofia Boutella led “The Mummy” and Barry Corbin’s timeless appearances.

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Reflections and Forecasts: The Exciting Journey Ahead for Mecum Auctions

As is the life of any film production, there are trends and patterns to the rise of Mecum Auction. The historical archive of growth has been steady, and future analysts anticipate a legendary journey ahead.

The emerging trends and future strategies of Mecum Auction parallel the transition of cinema from the heyday of noir to the avant-garde of 3D. The efforts to fulfil the dreams of collectors reflect in the rise and evolution of Mecum Auctions.

Looking at the road ahead, much like the profound endings of our favorite films, one thing is clear: Mecum Auction is a phenomenon that will continue to shine.

Driving off Into the Sunset: The Everlasting Allure of Mecum Auction

In conclusion, the lure of Mecum Auction is not unlike a Silver Screen favourite that delivers on every level. Its continuing appeal rests in its ability to channel the fascination and the fervor of ardent car collectors and enthusiasts.

The journey of Mecum Auction is not unlike the life of a film. It has its premieres, its blockbuster moments, its quiet victories. It embodies the spirit of the automobile world, transforming the idea of a car auction into a grand stage where history, allure, passion, and commerce play out their roles. It is an ongoing tale in the world of rare automobiles; one that shows no sign of slowing down, no curtain to call. Just like art, Mecum Auction is infinite, and it drives off into the sunset, leaving behind a legacy in its tread marks.

And that’s the beauty of Mecum Auction. When the engine hum of the last vehicle fades into silence, the event is over. But the allure… well, that’s just getting started.

Which is better Mecum or Barrett-Jackson?

Well, folks, it’s mostly a matter of taste when deciding which is better between Mecum or Barrett-Jackson. Both have their unique bits of charm. Mecum’s generally more laid-back, welcoming vibe can woo some, while others might get a kick out of the high-octane drama that tends to accompany Barrett-Jackson. So, it’s really just about picking your poison, you know?

How much does it cost to be a bidder at Mecum?

Weighing up the cost of being a bidder at Mecum, I’d say set aside a cool $100. Remember though, that doesn’t include the cost of actually winning a bid. We’re strictly talking the price of admission, the right to wave that paddle around, and plunge headfirst into the thrilling world of auto auctions.

What are the dates for the Mecum auction in 2023?

Take note, folks! The Mecum auction in 2023 will likely happen sometime around January, but the exact dates are yet to be confirmed. Keep your peepers peeled on their official website for the latest info.

Who is the owner of Mecum car auction?

Dana Mecum’s the big cheese of Mecum car auction. Founded it way back in ’88, and it’s been in the family ever since.

Does the buyer pay a premium at Mecum?

Indeed, the buyer does pay a premium at Mecum. Just to give you a ballpark figure, expect a 10% cost tacked onto the winning bid. Few surprised faces there, I bet.

What does the seller pay at Mecum?

Alright then, let’s look at what the sellers cough up at Mecum. They’ve got a sliding scale of sorts: If your wheels sell, you’re looking at a 5% commission, whereas a no-sale nets a flat $150 fee.

How does buying a car from Mecum work?

Buying a car from Mecum is about as simple as pie. Firstly, you register to bid, then you just, well, bid. If you’re
the highest bidder when the gavel drops, you’re a winner, baby!

How long does it take to get paid from Mecum auction?

Dying to know how long it takes to get paid from Mecum auction? Typically, it’s approximately 21 business days after they’ve received payment from the buyer.

What is the Mecum rule?

“The Mecum rule” might sound like some cryptic code, but it’s just a nickname for their “The Bid Goes On” system. It’s their way of trying to close the deal after an auction ends without reaching the reserve price.

What happens when the bid goes on at a mecum auction?

In a Mecum auction, when the bid goes on, it means there wasn’t a match between the highest bid and the lowest price the seller was willing to take. So, negotiations carry on behind the scenes to try and strike a deal.

How many cars at Barrett-Jackson auction 2023?

As for the number of cars at the Barrett-Jackson auction 2023, that’s still unknown. But get ready to be dazzled as historically, they’ve always put up a spectacular show with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of vehicles.

Where is Mecum 2023?

Where can you catch Mecum 2023? Well, they’re a traveling show, darling. Could be anywhere from Vegas to Kissimmee. The exact location is still up in the air.

How many employees does Mecum have?

Mecum’s employee count sits at a comfy 150. Not the biggest show in town, but they’ve got all the right folks pulling the strings.

What was the largest mecum auction?

The largest Mecum auction, folks, was their colossal 2022 event in Kissimmee, Florida, where they hosted a whopping 3500 vehicles! Talk about a grand spectacle!

Is Frank Mecum related to Dana Mecum?

The name’s no coincidence, people. Frank Mecum is indeed the son of Dana Mecum, and he’s a chip off the old block, continuing the family tradition of wheeling and dealing exquisite autos.

How much money do you have to have to bid at Barrett-Jackson?

Ready to play with the big dogs at Barrett-Jackson? You don’t necessarily need a king’s ransom, but do note, you’ll need a $9,000 bank guarantee or certified payment to get a footing in the bidding game.

Who is Barrett-Jackson competitor?

Barrett-Jackson’s biggest competitor? You guessed it, it’s good ol’ Mecum. Always a tight race between these two in the chase for those sweet, rare autos.

Which Mecum auction is the largest?

You want the biggest, the boldest, the best? Look no further than Mecum’s Kissimmee auction. With thousands of cars, it’s king of the hill, take it from me!

What’s the most expensive car on Barrett-Jackson?

Fancy getting an eyeful of the most expensive car on Barrett-Jackson? You’ll have to wait for the auction, but past stunners have included a breath-taking 1967 Corvette L88 Convertible which fetched a neat $3.2 million. Cha-ching!



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