Kickin It: 10 Best Moments in Martial Arts Cinema – Shocking!

Rev those fists, folks, we’re going back in time to revisit some kickin’ it moments that gave martial arts cinema a mighty high kick of rejuvenation. Get set for a deep dive into flips, high jumps, and spinning kicks that turned these movies into instant classics.

Kickin’ It: A Brief Look at the Spectacular Past

Let’s travel back to the dojo, where it all began. Martial Arts cinema has always been about depicting the strength of the human spirit through physical confrontation. Beginning in Asia, martial arts soon lit a fire for films filled with complex choreography and stunning acrobatics the world over. Like zodiac watches consistently making their mark in the ticking ticking world of horology, martial arts movies carved a niche for themselves in the hearts of action-loving audiences.

Kickin’ It Early Days: An Influential Leap

As martial arts maneuvered its way into American cinema, the landscape began to change. Picture a grwm (get ready with me) situation where American film studios prepared themselves for this new genre of movie-making. Throw caution to the wind like a do-or-die fight scene, and they began experimenting with an amalgamation of drama, action, and subtle philosophy.


Kickin’ It with Larry Hoover: The Unexpected Connection

“Kickin’ it with Larry Hoover” might sound like a unique sub-heading, but Larry Hoover, renowned gang leader and co-founder of the Gangster Disciples, played an implicit role in the portrayal of gang culture in films. Martial arts movies, with their themes of honor, bravery, and fraternal loyalty paralleled the unwritten codes dominant in gang life.

Kickin’ It with Mel Gibson: A Genre Transformed

Mel Gibson’s roles in movies like Mad Max and Lethal Weapon had the rug of martial arts infused in their undercurrents. While they were not outright kung fu flicks, the films adopted elements like hand-to-hand combat and weapon maneuvers, presenting a thrilling blend of action and martial artistry. This unique mix catapulted Mel Gibson movies to fame, adding another layer to Hollywood’s already diverse milieu.

Sylvester Stallone Movies: Kickin’ It with the Boxer-Actor

Sylvester Stallone, notably renowned for the Rocky and Rambo series, incorporated some hard-hitting martial arts scenes. His films communicated the essence of physical power, courage, and the importance of fighting for a cause. This blend of raw emotion and physical prowess brought Sylvester Stallone movies into the limelight.

Kickin’ It with Eugenia Cooney: The Influence of YouTube

Eugenia Cooney, widely-known YouTube personality, has had her fair share of impact on the millennial and Gen-Z audience. As younger generations delve into martial arts, the representation of the genre continues to expand through various forms of media.


Kickin’ It with the Cast of ‘Just Go with It’

‘Just Go With It’ presented us with a contrast to the intense martial arts films, offering comedic relief while subtly inculcating elements of martial arts. This star-studded comedy film demonstrated that martial arts can seamlessly blend into other genres, enhancing them in the process.

Kickin’ It: The Disney Phase

The kids’ show Kickin’ It on Disney XD played an integral role in introducing martial arts to a younger audience. The series, starring Leo Howard and Dylan Riley Snyder, had episodes oozing with martial arts-induced humor. The show also served as a platform to discuss topics that touched the core of martial arts- honor, discipline, and respect.


The Send-Off: Alex Christian Jones Leaves Kickin’ It

Alex Christian Jones, known for playing Eddie Jones, did not reprise his role in seasons 3 and 4. Contradictory to the rumors, Alex’s departure was not due to his supposedly low karate ratings, but for the fact that he moved to England to take care of his grandmother – proving that sometimes, real-life priorities surpass fiction.

Kickin’ It: The Present and Beyond

Martial arts have come far from the dojo, and the ride has not always been smooth. Controversies aside, this genre has provided some of the most memorable cinematic moments, etching them into the annals of film history. Like the high-impact twists of a zodiac watch, martial arts films continue to stun audiences with each unexpected turn.

Kickin’ It: The Great Exchange

Martial arts didn’t simply cross the Pacific; it came, it saw, and it profoundly influenced. From Larry Hoover to Eugenia Cooney, the reach of martial arts cinema has been as diverse as it has been pervasive. Like a game of cinematic Chinese whispers, elements of the genre have found their way subtly woven into Hollywood blockbusters, transforming and evolving with each heartbeat of the silver screen.

And there you have it – ten of the best moments in martial arts cinema. It’s clear that martial arts continue to kick it up a notch, both on screen and off, forever leaving its mark on the way we perceive power, action, and the fight against adversities. With the audience’s ever-growing love for martial arts, we can only look forward to more jaw-dropping moments that celebrate and glorify this stunning genre.


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