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Cast from Hell on Wheels: Where Are They Now?

The clatter of hooves and the chugging of the locomotive have long since faded, but the cast from Hell on Wheels still echoes through the canyons of modern television and the arenas of contemporary cinema. They were the rugged faces that brought to life a pivotal period in American history, they wove narratives rich with struggle, ambition, and redemption. As the smoke clears, we’re left with a question hanging in the air like spent gunpowder: where are the Hell on Wheels cast members today?

The Journey After the Tracks: A Look at the ‘Cast from Hell on Wheels’

Well, friends, buckle up—the journey is just as thrilling off the tracks.

Hell on Wheels The Complete Series [DVD]

Hell on Wheels The Complete Series [DVD]


Immerse yourself in the gritty world of post-Civil War America with “Hell on Wheels The Complete Series” on DVD, a compelling saga that takes you on a wild ride through the dangers and drama of building the Transcontinental Railroad. This box set houses the entire series across a comprehensive collection of discs, giving fans and newcomers alike the chance to experience every twist and turn of the epic story at their own pace. Journey alongside the stoic former Confederate soldier, Cullen Bohannon, as he seeks revenge for his wife’s death and ultimately gets tangled in the complex web of railroad politics, Native American struggles, and the harsh realities of the American frontier.

With its masterful storytelling and an expansive ensemble cast led by Anson Mount, Colm Meaney, and Common, this series earned acclaim for its nuanced characters and historical authenticity. The DVDs come packed with bonus features, including behind-the-scenes documentaries, making-of featurettes, and insightful cast and crew interviews, all of which enrich the viewing experience. The widescreen format captures the breathtaking landscapes and meticulously detailed sets, enveloping you in the era’s visual splendor, while the uncut audio ensures you hear every gripping line of dialogue and pulse-pounding action sequence as it was intended.

“Hell on Wheels The Complete Series” on DVD is not just a television show; it is an immersive historical experience that stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit amidst the chaos of progress. Perfect for history buffs and drama enthusiasts alike, this set promises hours of captivating entertainment, offering an unrivaled exploration of one of America’s most transformative and turbulent periods. Whether reliving the series or discovering it for the first time, viewers will find themselves captivated by the raw emotion and the relentless drive of the characters who forged a nation’s destiny on wheels of steel and sweat.

The Rise of Anson Mount: From Cullen Bohannon to Leading Man

Anson Mount, who once steered a course through the heart of the Union Pacific as the stoic Cullen Bohannon, has since laid tracks into the vast universe of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Steering clear of being pigeonholed, this leading man has vaulted effortlessly from the dirt and grime of the transcontinental railroad to the sleek bridge of the USS Enterprise, where he commands as Captain Pike. Mount’s recent filmography is a testament to his range, with whispers in the industry about projects that’ll take him from the final frontier to genre films that’ll have you gripping your seat.

Image 13994

Colm Meaney: Continuing a Storied Career

Colm Meaney, the show’s Thomas Durant, was no stranger to camera lights even before his Hell on Wheels gig. Post-show, he continues to be a mainspring in narratives across the pond. His choice in roles is akin to a craftsman’s selection of tools—each one deliberate, each carving a deeper notch in his acting legacy. With a career spanning over TV, cinema, and finesse-oozing portrayals in European cinema, Meaney’s imprint off-screen is every bit as significant.

Common: Hip-Hop Icon and Actor Beyond ‘Hell on Wheels’

Common’s path diverged like the cross-country tracks, from acting to a refocus on his booming music career, which sometimes seems as big as the vast prairies themselves. His artistic choices evolve like his lyrical flow—smooth, purposeful, and always striking a chord. Be it his laudable community initiatives or forays into voice acting—where his voice has become as recognizable as his face—this multifaceted performer continues to ride the rail of success.

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Dominique McElligott’s Journey to the Stars and Beyond

Dominique McElligott, who stood steadfast alongside Bohannon as Lily Bell, now orbits different stars, having plotted a course toward science fiction. From Hell on Wheels to the solar system with Netflix’s ‘The First,’ McElligott’s talent burns steadily in the galaxy of genre storytelling, casting new lights on otherworldly characters.

Image 13995

Tom Noonan’s Pivot Toward the Pen

In a turn as unexpected as it is appreciated, Tom Noonan, our Solomon Hatch, has traded the blaze of the acting forge for the ink of the writer’s quill. This pivot to writing and directing showcases a different facet of Noonan’s genius—his storytelling prowess. Not unlike the layered nuances of his on-screen characters, his novel and theater productions invite audiences into the complex landscapes of his inner worlds.

Robin McLeavy’s Evolution from Eva to Enigmatic Roles

The magnetic Robin McLeavy, who bore the emblem of survival as Eva, has continued her thespian voyage with selections as enigmatic as her character’s tattoo. McLeavy’s embrace of independent cinema and a return to her theater roots in Australia is proof that sometimes, the most evocative stories are those whispered from intimate stages.

Phil Burke: From Mickey McGinnes to Indie Film Staple

Phil Burke, better recognized as the feisty Mickey McGinnes, has leveraged his Hell on Wheels experience into the rich soil of independent film. Burke’s artful nuance molds characters that transcend the celluloid, bringing an enduring Irish charm that could charm a snake out of its basket.

Christopher Heyerdahl’s Versatility in Villainy and Virtue

Christopher Heyerdahl, our The Swede, stands as a testament to versatility, oscillating between the devilish and the divine with a grace that belies his towering frame. His gravitas on and off the set bleeds into every role, entrenching him firmly in the hearts of audiences in a career that defies conventionality.

Steering Careers Beyond the Hell on Wheels Cast

Beyond the main lineup, the ensemble cast, including recurring stars, have steered clear of the typecast trap, showing off a splendid variety of roles that speak to their broad talents. The industry ties they secured during their Hell on Wheels days have served as a springboard to compelling performances in television and film that defy easy definition.

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Character Actor Seasons Notes
Cullen Bohannon Anson Mount 1-5 Protagonist and a former Confederate soldier
Elam Ferguson Common 1-3 Former slave, written out of the show to allow Common to focus on his music career
Thomas Durant Colm Meaney 1-5 Based on the real-life railroad entrepreneur, with some dramatic license
Naomi Hatch Siobhan Williams (S3) 3 MacKenzie Porter (S4-5) cast due to Williams’ scheduling conflicts
MacKenzie Porter (S4-5) 4-5
Lily Bell Dominique McElligott 1-2 A widow working on the railroad
Eva Robin McLeavy 1-5 Based on a historical figure, Eva is known for her chin tattoo
Mickey McGinnes Phil Burke 1-5 One of the McGinnes brothers, Irish immigrants with a streak for business
Sean McGinnes Ben Esler 1-4 The other McGinnes brother
Ruth Kasha Kropinski 1-5 A strong-willed preacher’s daughter
Louise Ellison Jennifer Ferrin 3-5 A journalist for The New York Tribune covering the construction of the railroad
The Swede (Thor Gundersen) Christopher Heyerdahl 1-5 Antagonist, works for Durant and becomes the series’ main villain
Psalms Dohn Norwood 2-5 Former slave and laborer who becomes a prominent member of the black community in the show
Durant Colm Meaney 1-5 Former senator and entrepreneur, similar to the historical Thomas Durant

The Legacy of Hell on Wheels and its Ensemble

“Hell on Wheels” wasn’t just a show, it was a phenomenon that left an indelible mark on television and its cast. It painted raw humanity against the canvas of the American frontier, and its cultural reverberations are felt even in today’s screen tales. Cast reflections unfurl memories of a set that was more forge than fiction, hammering out characters that have stood the test of time.

Image 13996

Rolling into the Future: The ‘Cast from Hell on Wheels’ Legacy

As the cast from Hell on Wheels reflect on the show’s impact, it’s clear they’ve ridden the high iron into diverse and gratifying horizons. Just as the train of time is unceasing, we anticipate seeing these familiar faces in new lights, on new stages, telling the stories that shape our lives. Like the indomitable frontier spirit they embodied, their careers, post Hell on Wheels, seem destined only for the vastness of future possibilities, echoing the enduring imprint of the show in the annals of television history.

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Why did they change actresses in Hell on Wheels?

Why did they change actresses in Hell on Wheels?
Well, you see, they swapped out actresses in ‘Hell on Wheels’ for a pretty common Hollywood reason: scheduling conflicts! Initially, Dominique McElligott played Lily Bell, but when it came to the second season, she had other commitments. So, the show had to bid her adieu, and the storyline took a turn with her character’s untimely departure. Showbiz, right?

Are any characters from Hell on Wheels real?

Are any characters from Hell on Wheels real?
Alright, here’s the scoop: ‘Hell on Wheels’ isn’t just wild West fiction; some characters are indeed ripped straight from the dusty pages of history! Folks like Thomas Durant, Collis Huntington, and even ol’ General Ulysses S. Grant were real deal players in the era of railroad expansion. But hey, don’t let those historic roots fool you; the show still takes its creative liberties.

Why did common leave Hell on Wheels?

Why did Common leave Hell on Wheels?
Turns out, Common, who rocked the role of Elam Ferguson, had to bounce from ‘Hell on Wheels’ due to a mash-up of other projects on his plate — music, movies, you name it! After his character’s unknown fate at the end of season 3, the curtain officially closed on Elam in season 4, giving Common the chance to spread his wings and fly into new ventures.

What happened to common character on Hell on Wheels?

What happened to common character on Hell on Wheels?
Man, it was a rough ride for Elam Ferguson, Common’s character, in ‘Hell on Wheels.’ In season 4, he’s found alive but ailing from a bear attack, and, well, his noggin ain’t quite right after that. And get this, in a heart-wrenching twist, his old pal Cullen Bohannon is forced to put him down. Talk about a tragic exit!

What happened to Cullen Bohannon?

What happened to Cullen Bohannon?
Oh, Cullen Bohannon, our tortured protagonist, he’s really been through the mill. After braving all manner of chaos on ‘Hell on Wheels,’ he ends the series on a haunting note — no smooth sailing for him. The finale sees him heading to China, of all places, desperate to escape his demons and maybe, just maybe, find a smidgen of peace.

Who did Cullen Bohannon marry?

Who did Cullen Bohannon marry?
So, Cullen Bohannon, that brooding hunk of a railroad man, actually has a couple of walks down the aisle. First, he’s hitched to Naomi Hatch, a Mormon gal, but the fates are cruel, and they part ways. Later, he ties the knot with Mei, a Chinese woman, under the alias “Fong,” in a secret, heartfelt ceremony. A regular Casanova, this one!

Is Cullen Bohannon based on a real person?

Is Cullen Bohannon based on a real person?
Now, you might think Cullen Bohannon has the makings of a real-life Wild West legend, but whoa there, partner! He’s actually a fictional concoction. The creators of ‘Hell on Wheels’ dreamed him up as a symbol of the era, but sorry to burst your bubble, no historic gunslinger sports his name.

Does Cullen ever find Naomi?

Does Cullen ever find Naomi?
Talk about a wild goose chase, but yes, Cullen Bohannon sure does find Naomi! After a butt-load of searching and enough drama to fill a dozen diaries, he finally reunites with his estranged wife and their newborn son. But hold your horses — their reunion is more bitter than sweet, and they ultimately go their separate ways.

Was Thomas Durant a real person?

Was Thomas Durant a real person?
You betcha, Thomas Durant was as real as they come! This crafty entrepreneur was a bigwig in the railroading business during the Union Pacific’s construction. ‘Hell on Wheels’ paints a pretty vivid picture of him, but remember, it’s got a good dollop of drama added for TV’s sake.

Why does Cullen shoot Elam?

Why does Cullen shoot Elam?
Oh boy, that was a heartbreaker! Cullen shoots Elam in ‘Hell on Wheels’ because, after Elam’s bear brawl, his brain’s on the fritz, and he becomes a danger to everyone, including himself. It’s a gut-wrenching “it’s him or me” moment for Cullen — a real “out of the frying pan and into the fire” situation.

Who took Elam and Eva’s baby?

Who took Elam and Eva’s baby?
In a real twist of the knife, the baby of Elam and Eva gets spirited away by none other than Mr. Toole, folks. Talk about a “what the heck?” moment! Toole, who’s Eva’s husband at the time, can’t stomach raising a child that isn’t his. So, he makes the harsh call to give the little one up, setting off a whole tornado of trouble in ‘Hell on Wheels.’



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