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From the luminous catwalks to the brooding landscapes of historical television drama, Alyssa Sutherland has ascended the hierarchy of Hollywood, claiming her throne in the hearts of viewers worldwide. Her portrayal of the formidable Queen Aslaug in the acclaimed series “Vikings” has cemented her status not just as a queen of the screen, but as a beacon of powerful female representation in a genre often dominated by its male counterparts.

Rising Through the Ranks: Alyssa Sutherland’s Journey to Viking Fame

Before she donned the regal attire of Queen Aslaug, Alyssa Sutherland’s path was lit by the flashes of fashion photographers. Her early life in her native land of Australia saw her grace the covers of magazines – an otherworldly beauty with piercing eyes and a presence as commanding as a sovereign’s. After winning a modeling competition, her career soared at the speed of a Viking longship cutting through waves, with campaigns for the likes of Ralph Lauren and Chanel.

Yet, beneath the alluring facade of a model’s life, Sutherland held a flame for a different art form: acting. The transition, however, was no calm sea. The shift from modeling to acting brought with it the challenges of typecasting and the demands of honing a whole new craft. But as any good Viking tale teaches us, it’s the journey, with all its trials, that forges the hero – or in this case, the queen.

She made her initial mark with small roles, such as an appearance in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and the indie flick “Day on Fire.” A fleeting yet memorable appearance in “The Devil Wears Prada” was followed by performances in series like “New Amsterdam” and alongside heavyweights such as Richard Gere in “Arbitrage.”

Sutherland’s raison d’être seemed clear, but it was her casting in “Vikings” that saw her poised to conquer television audiences. The preparation and casting were endeavors befitting the historical epics the show itself depicted. Landing the role was no less than a saga, demanding everything from her dramatic skills to her ability to exude the regal presence crucial for Queen Aslaug.

Vikings Alyssa Sutherland as Queen Aslaug Waist Up Shot x Inch Photo

Vikings Alyssa Sutherland as Queen Aslaug Waist Up Shot x Inch Photo


Elevate your collection with this captivating x-inch photo featuring the formidable Alyssa Sutherland as Queen Aslaug, the renowned character from the hit television series “Vikings.” This waist-up shot captures the essence of regality and power that Aslaug embodies, portrayed with the grace and intensity that only Sutherland can deliver. The photograph is expertly taken to highlight the intricate details of authentic costume design and the actress’s expressive performance, making it an indispensable piece for fans and collectors alike.

Printed on high-quality photographic paper, this x-inch photo boasts vibrant colors and sharp imagery, ensuring that every detail, from Aslaug’s piercing gaze to the texture of her garb, is preserved with utmost clarity. The photo’s finish provides longevity, resisting fading and maintaining its luster over time, perfect for display purposes. Whether framed and showcased in a living space or added to a ‘Vikings’-themed memorabilia wall, this photograph stands as a testament to your admiration for the series and its representation of Norse history.

This item is a must-have for enthusiasts of the show, history buffs, or anyone who appreciates powerful female characters in television. It also serves as an excellent gift for devotees of the series, ensuring that the recipient can bring a piece of the courageous and cunning Queen Aslaug into their everyday surroundings. With this imposing photo of Alyssa Sutherland as Queen Aslaug, you’re not just purchasing a piece of television memorabilia; you’re owning a slice of the fierce spirit of the Viking age.

Portraying the Iconic Queen Aslaug: Alyssa Sutherland’s Deep Dive into Norse History

Alyssa Sutherland‘s journey into the heart of a Viking spirit demanded more than just reading lines; it required an excavation into Norse history to unearth the essence of Queen Aslaug. With the tenacity of a true historian, she delved into the sagas, uncovering the mythic roots of her character – a princess descended from legends such as Sigurd and Brynhildr, characters lifted right from Norse folklore.

Alyssa’s research process became a dance with the past, as she pored over texts and collaborated with historians. Her dedication to authenticity was mirrored in her approach to physical and emotional preparation. To embody a Viking Queen, she underwent rigorous training, both to wield authority in the shield wall of male warriors and to capture Aslaug’s emotional complexity.

Image 18508

Category Information
Full Name Alyssa Sutherland
Date of Birth September 23, 1982
Place of Birth Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Current Residence Los Angeles, California
Nationality Australian
Profession Actress, Model
Career Beginnings TV debut on “Law & Order: SVU” (1999)
Film Debut “Day on Fire” (2006)
Breakout Role “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006)
Significant TV Role Queen Aslaug in “Vikings” (2013-2016)
Other Notable Works “New Amsterdam” (2007-08), “Arbitrage” (2012)
Character Background Aslaug was a Götaland princess in “Vikings”
Inspirations Aslaug’s character in “Vikings” taken from Norse sagas
Parents in Norse Mythology Sigurd (father) and Brynhildr (mother)
Marital Status Information not provided
Talent Agencies Information not provided
Social Media Presence Information not provided
Charity Work Information not provided
Awards and Nominations Information not provided

Alyssa Sutherland’s Method: Capturing Queen Aslaug’s Essence on Screen

On screen, Sutherland brought to life Aslaug’s intricacies with the precision of an artist. Tackling Alyssa Sutherland’s movies and TV shows, viewers witnessed an actress who immersed herself wholly, embracing the character’s fierce maternal instincts and her cunning ability to navigate the treacherous currents of Norse power struggles. Her portrayal spoke not only to her talent but also to the broader narrative of powerful women often sidelined in history.

The patriarchal setting of Norse society posed inherent challenges; displaying strength without overshadowing the male protagonists required a delicate balance. Alyssa’s performance received critical acclaim and propelled her career, showcasing the influential potential of nuanced female characters in historical dramas.

Beyond the Shield Wall: Alyssa Sutherland’s Impact on Vikings’ Legacy

Alyssa Sutherland’s contribution to the “Vikings” legacy is as indelible as runic inscriptions on stone. Her influence extended beyond the shield wall, shaping the narrative and leaving a mark on how women are portrayed in historical settings. The show’s success, with a significant thanks to Alyssa’s performance, paved the way for a reassessment of women in Viking society and history at large.

Her impact also rippled through the fanbase, fostering a loyal following that deeply connected with her portrayal of Aslaug. Such was the resonance of her character that it sparked conversations on women’s roles and representation, echoing throughout the halls of historical drama enthusiasts.

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Evil Dead Rise


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This latest chapter retains the visceral intensity and dark humor synonymous with the series, yet carves out its own path with a fresh, character-driven narrative. The claustrophobic setting amplifies the terror, as the protagonists grapple with demonic possessions that twist the familiar setting into a grotesque tableau of horror. With practical effects that honor the franchise’s roots, Evil Dead Rise promises a blood-soaked tribute to the relentless creativity of director Sam Raimi’s original vision. Fans and newcomers alike can expect a relentless onslaught of thrills and gore as the fight for survival unfolds in relentlessly gruesome detail.

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Alyssa Sutherland’s Career After the Longships: New Horizons

As the sails of “Vikings” lowered on the horizon, Alyssa Sutherland anchored her career in fresh waters. New projects beckoned, promising an evolution of her repertoire. A selection of diverse characters awaited her, and she embraced them with the same vigor she did the Viking Queen.

Her aspirations in the industry appeared limitless, a testament to her versatility as an actress and the profound mark she left in the hearts of audiences. Alyssa, now a seasoned actress and Los Angeles resident, continues to explore unchartered territories in Hollywood, ever-seeking roles that challenge and exemplify her expansive talent.

Image 18509

On-Set Chronicles: Untold Stories of Alyssa Sutherland Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, tales of camaraderie and laughter paint the picture of Alyssa Sutherland, the compassionate co-star and friend. Cast members speak fondly of her warmth, her penchant for galvanizing morale, and her capacity for collaboration. An influential figure on set, her presence extended beyond her role, contributing to the show’s overall dynamic and spirit.

Queen of Hearts and Screens: Alyssa Sutherland’s Fandom and Charitable Works

Engaging with the community, Alyssa Sutherland became a beloved figure among her fans. Her approachable nature and genuine interactions have earned her the endearment of a “Queen of Hearts.” Furthermore, leveraging her popularity, she championed charitable causes, embodying the adage that with great power comes great responsibility.

This activism not only bolstered her presence off-screen but cemented her influence among her peers. It inspired her Hollywood contemporaries and the up-and-coming talents who saw in her a paragon of how fame could be wielded for good.

Alyssa Sutherland Vikings xPhoto The Devil Wears Prada swimsuit

Alyssa Sutherland Vikings xPhoto The Devil Wears Prada swimsuit


Alyssa Sutherland, renowned for her powerful portrayal of the shieldmaiden Aslaug in the hit TV series “Vikings,” brings her formidable presence to the world of fashion with the astonishing “Alyssa Sutherland Vikings xPhoto The Devil Wears Prada Swimsuit”. This exclusive swimsuit blends the fierce spirit of a Viking warrior with the chic sophistication of the high-fashion milieu depicted in “The Devil Wears Prada”. It’s an audacious piece tailored for those who dare to make a statement at the beach or the pool.

Crafted with premium materials, this swimsuit features an innovative design that showcases a striking, photo-realistic print of Alyssa in her iconic Viking role on one side, and a dazzling, fashion-forward pattern inspired by the famous film on the other. The garment promises not just visual impact but also comfort and durability, allowing wearers to embody the confidence of a Norse legend and the elegance of a fashion icon. The unique crossover appeal ensures that it’s not just a piece of swimwear, but also a conversation starter and a testament to bold style choices.

Every intricate detail of the Alyssa Sutherland Vikings xPhoto swimsuit bespeaks quality and exclusivity. From the elegant, supportive cut that flatters a range of body types, to the UV-resistant and quick-dry fabric, it’s made for those who aspire to stand out from the crowd. Proudly displaying this swimsuit at any occasion is sure to set a bold, adventurous tone, making the wearer the envy of fashionistas and Viking enthusiasts alike.

The Realm of Alyssa Sutherland: Insights and Inspirations for Aspiring Actors

In offering pearls of wisdom to aspiring actors, Alyssa Sutherland stresses the virtues of perseverance and adaptability – the same principles that once navigated her from the runway to the screen. She emphasizes the impact historical roles can have on an actor’s career path, shaping their versatility and depth.

Alyssa Sutherland’s advice to newcomers in the industry is born from a career that saw the convergence of beauty, talent, and indefatigable determination. Her journey is not merely an anecdote of success but a roadmap for those daring to follow in her footsteps.

Image 18510

Enthroned in Memory: Alyssa Sutherland and the Enduring Appeal of Vikings

“Vikings,” its compelling characters, and the remarkable Alyssa Sutherland, continue to brandish their influence in popular culture. The Vikings phenomenon, years after its conclusion, remains a robust presence, with fans still enraptured by the show’s gritty portrayal of Norse life and the powerful queen at its helm.

Sutherland’s embodiment of Aslaug is often a focal point in discussions about the show’s allure and a constant reference in the expanding universe of historical television dramas. With whispers of future projects tied to this era, the potential for Sutherland’s return to a similar throne lingers in the air.

Casting the Last Stone: Alyssa Sutherland’s Continuous Reign in Hollywood

As the drumbeat of Viking oars fades into a soft echo, Alyssa Sutherland steers her longship towards the horizon of new endeavours. Her upcoming roles, shrouded in the anticipation of audiences and critics alike, promise a continuation of her diverse and poignant performances.

Her vision for the future is as expansive as a Nordic sky, with aspirations that extend far beyond the confines of genre or type. Alyssa Sutherland stands as an actress embodying the timeless essence of storytelling, her career entwined with narratives that, like the sagas, echo throughout time.

Whether she walks the hallowed halls of Valhalla or the sun-dappled streets of Los Angeles, Alyssa Sutherland reigns supreme – a queen of the screen, forever etched in the annals of Hollywood history.

All Hail the Queen: Alyssa Sutherland Trivia

Alyssa Sutherland, the regal face from the hit series “Vikings”, has certainly made a splash in the acting world. Let’s dive into some fun trivia and interesting tidbits about this queen of the screen!

From Catwalk to Screen: Alyssa’s Journey

Alyssa wasn’t always scheming in the halls of Viking power; she actually strutted her stuff on the catwalk before. That’s right, our fierce screen queen was a model, gracing campaigns and walking for some pretty big names in fashion. It’s like, one minute she’s laying down the law in Kattegat, the next she could be advertising a full size air mattress for those royal visits!

But Alyssa’s talents aren’t just about looking fabulous in a photo or commanding attention in a mead hall; she’s got a list of noteworthy roles. Want to delve deeper into her filmography? Check out Alyssa sutherland Movies And tv Shows to track her journey from the runway to ruling the roost on television.

Connecting the Norse Dots

Ever wondered how six degrees of separation work in Hollywood? Well, let me tell ya, Alyssa’s got connections. Picture this: Alyssa Sutherland and Sophia Bush – one Viking queen, one Chicago detective – both have worked in shows that keep you at the edge of your seat. Ever curious about Bush’s portfolio? Scope out Sophia bush Movies And tv Shows and see where these two powerful women’s paths might cross.

Sneaker Game of Thrones

You might think a queen like Alyssa is all about the royal tiaras and gowns, but off-screen, she’s got a taste for the comfy and trendy — like lacing up a pair of 327 new balance sneakers. Because let’s face it, even Norse queens need to kick off their riding boots and chill in some stylish kicks once in a while.

Behind the Scenes with Titan Directors

And who could miss the stories of Alyssa taking direction from the best of the best? Imagine her discussing a scene with davis guggenheim, a heavyweight documentary filmmaker. It’s the coming together of creative minds that’s truly the stuff of Valhalla—epic battles, strategies, and surely a saga worth the telling.

Alyssa Sutherland may not wield an actual sword, but she’s carving out her own piece of Hollywood Valholland with style and elegance. Whether she’s gracing the silver screen or chilling in a pair of comfortable sneakers, she’s an actress who brings grace and power to every project. So next time you binge-watch “Vikings,” remember the queen behind the character, and the exciting journey she’s been on to get to that throne.

Alyssa Sutherland Vikings xPhoto The Devil Wears Prada Arbitrage

Alyssa Sutherland Vikings xPhoto The Devil Wears Prada Arbitrage


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of cinematic brilliance with the exclusive Alyssa Sutherland Vikings xPhoto The Devil Wears Prada Arbitrage collection. This exquisite product marries the fierce intensity of Alyssa Sutherland’s portrayal in the hit series “Vikings” with the sophisticated allure of “The Devil Wears Prada,” rounded off by the high-stakes drama of “Arbitrage.” Perfect for film aficionados and connoisseurs of fine acting, each photo captures the essence of the characters portrayed, encapsulating moments where costume, emotion, and storytelling collide. Embrace this limited edition series that celebrates Sutherland’s versatility and the memorable narratives that these films represent.

Crafted for admirers of both the historical and the contemporary, this collection showcases museum-quality photographs that feature Sutherland in her most iconic roles. These stunning prints are thoughtfully curated to evoke the powerful personas she embodies: from the Viking shieldmaiden Lagertha’s raw determination, to the poised and calculated world of high fashion, and the morally complex universe of financial thriller. Each image has been meticulously selected to reflect the pivotal points in each narrative, inviting viewers to relive the gripping tension and emotional depth of these beloved stories. Owning a piece from this collection promises a daily inspiration to fans and an enduring visual experience to any interior space.

The Alyssa Sutherland Vikings xPhoto The Devil Wears Prada Arbitrage collection is a testament to storytelling through still images. Each photograph is printed on high-quality archival paper, ensuring that the vivid colors and crisp contrasts remain timeless. The collection comes in a variety of sizes, suitable for framing and creating a striking gallery wall in your personal or professional space. Elevate your environment with this versatile compilation that speaks to the power of performance and cinematic elegance, guaranteeing a conversation starter for any room it graces.

Where is Alyssa Sutherland now?

Alyssa Sutherland? Well, she’s been rockin’ the scene down under! As of now, Alyssa’s kickin’ it back in her homeland, Australia, when she’s not globetrotting for her modeling and acting gigs. You know how it is – home is where the heart is!

Who is the real name of Ragnar’s second wife?

As for Ragnar’s second wife, folks, we’re talkin’ about Aslaug, right? Now, don’t get it twisted – in real life, her name was Alyssa Sutherland. On the small screen, she brought the fierce Aslaug to life in “Vikings”.

What movies has Alyssa Sutherland been in?

Alyssa Sutherland’s movie credits? Hold onto your popcorn, ’cause this Aussie beauty’s been spicing up the silver screen with roles in flicks like “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Don’t Look Up”, just to name a couple. She’s more than just a pretty face, that’s for sure!

Is Aslaug based on a real person?

Aslaug, based on a real person, you ask? Indeed, she was! Mythology buffs and historians will tell you she’s plucked right out of those sagas – tales taller than a giant, soaked in ol’ Norse lore.

Who is Alyssa Sutherland married to?

Who stole Alyssa Sutherland’s heart? Well, it was Laurence Shanet, a lucky fella, they say. The two tied the knot in 2012, making it official with those two magical words “I do”.

How old is Alyssa Sutherland?

How many candles on Alyssa Sutherland’s birthday cake? Born on September 23, 1982, that makes this striking actress and model a cool 40 years old. Time flies when you’re dazzling the world!

Was there a Lagertha in real life?

A real-life Lagertha, huh? Hold your horses, history’s a bit murky here, but legend has it that Lagertha was as real as they come—a true Viking shieldmaiden whose deeds echo through the ages, even if the history books are a bit shy about her.

Who was Ragnar’s true love?

Who was Ragnar’s true love? Ah, the age-old question! In “Vikings”, it’s quite the love triangle, but many say Lagertha was his one true love—she stuck with him through thick and thin until, well, you know, plot twists!

Who is Ragnar’s wife in real life?

And who is Ragnar’s better half in reality? The actor Travis Fimmel is quite the catch but hasn’t tied the knot yet—so no wife to write home about, at least not for now.

Who is the queen in the Vikings?

The queen in “Vikings”, you’re wondering? That’s Aslaug, folks, played by none other than Alyssa Sutherland. She ruled with an iron fist and a gaze that could freeze fire!

How tall is Alyssa Sutherland?

Alyssa Sutherland’s stature? She’s a towering figure, standing tall at an impressive 5 feet 11 inches (180cm). Talk about a towering presence!

What is Aslaug’s prophecy?

Aslaug’s prophecy in a nutshell? Oh, that’s a doozy! She foretold the future of her sons, predicting they’d become great warriors. Spoiler alert: she wasn’t far off the mark!

Why was Aslaug eating an onion?

Aslaug munching on an onion like it’s an apple? Eek, sounds odd! But you know, it was a medieval pregnancy craving in “Vikings”—though perhaps not recommended by modern-day nutritionists.

How old was Ragnar when he died?

Ragnar’s swansong? He was speculated to be about 55 years old at his curtain call—taken down, not by old age, but by a snake pit, tragic and dramatic to the end.

What happened to Ragnar’s body?

What became of Ragnar’s earthly remains, whispers the wind? After meeting his end in that infamous pit, the show left us hangin’. But legend, oh legend says his sons took his body. What’s true? That’s for the sagas and your imagination!


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