When Is the Next Friday 13th? Spooky Dates Ahead

Unveiling the Mystery: When is the Next Friday 13th?

What’s in a date? A whole lot of shivers, if you’re talking about Friday the 13th. It’s a date that grips the superstitious with a foreboding chill – an occasion that has snaked its way deep into cultural consciousness. This day warms the cockles of horror buffs’ hearts yet sends shivers down others’ spines. So, “when is the next Friday 13th?” – you might ask with bated breath, looking over your shoulder. Hold on to your garlic and lucky rabbit’s feet because 2024 is around the corner, promising not one but two encounters with this infamous date. Whether you’re raring to revel in the eeriness or simply curious, let’s split the skeleton from the rumor and delve into this calendrical curiosity.

Friday the 13th slides into our schedules with the stealthiness of a cat burglar – survival odds are infamously unpredictable. Okay, maybe not quite, but it’s certainly got people counting the days with a mix of dread and delight. Based on the swirling dance of the Gregorian calendar, it’s a date that eludes any clear pattern, popping up like those haunting final scenes from a scarefest. And speaking of popping up, many folks are already marking their calendars with shaky hands for September 13, 2024, and December 13, 2024. That’s right, a double whammy is coming!

The frequency? It’s enough to fuel coffee-fueled debates and nudge us to thumb through a century’s worth of calendars. But let’s lay it out straight – predicting these days isn’t as straightforward as Jason Voorhees’ sense of direction. If you’re twitching at the thought, don’t worry – we’ve dug up the data so you don’t have to!

Mark Your Calendars: When is the Next Friday the 13th in 2024?

Alright, avid diary keepers and thrill-seekers, the next Friday 13th in 2024 drops in autumn. September 13, 2024 – doesn’t it just send a slight, uncanny chill up your spine? Trees shedding leaves like the lost souls of bygone seasons set the stage. But hold on, that’s not all, folks. Just a hop, skip, and a jump into winter, and bam, December 13, 2024 greets us with its icy glare, exactly 13 weeks later! Coincidence? Or something sinistrous at work?

Now don’t think these are isolated dates, stranded in the sea of calendar blocks. No sir, history whispers tales of Friday the 13ths past. Some yarns spell out spooky happenstances, while others chronicle events as mundane as a watch The big c binge. But each carries with it the weight of history, a peppering of fate’s peculiar footnotes.

Friday the th Part V A New Beginning

Friday the th Part V A New Beginning


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As the body count rises, “Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning” cleverly toys with audience expectations, blurring the lines between hallucination and reality, with Tommy’s perspective warping the narrative. Director Danny Steinmann ramps up the tension with his gritty approach to the storytelling, combining suspenseful sequences with the franchise’s signature gory kills that fans have come to anticipate. The film’s soundtrack punctuates the fear with piercing scores at just the right moments, sustaining an atmosphere of dread throughout. With a twist that attempts to reinvigorate the franchise, this chapter serves both as an homage to its predecessors and as a daring pivot point, aiming to take the saga of Crystal Lake in a new direction.

“Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning” is an essential piece for collectors and horror aficionados, marking a controversial yet bold step in the franchise’s evolution. This film features a diverse cast of characters, each providing a unique lens through which the terror unfolds, thereby enriching the story’s texture and depth. The DVD is packed with bonus features, including commentary from cast and crew, providing insight into the creative process behind this polarizing entry. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the series or a newcomer to the genre, “A New Beginning” promises a blend of psychological horror and slasher tradition that aims to satisfy the bloodlust of Friday the 13th devotees.

Year First Friday 13th Second Friday 13th Third Friday 13th Total Friday 13ths Notes
2023 January 13 October 13 N/A 2
2024 September 13 December 13 N/A 2 December’s Friday 13th is 13 weeks after September’s
2025 June 13 N/A N/A 1
2026 February 13 March 13 November 13 3 March and November’s Friday 13ths are exactly 36 weeks apart
2027 August 13 N/A N/A 1
2028 October 13 N/A N/A 1
2029 April 13 July 13 N/A 2
2030 September 13 December 13 N/A 2
2031 June 13 N/A N/A 1
2032 February 13 March 13 November 13 3 Leap year with three Friday 13ths
2033 May 13 N/A N/A 1
2034 January 13 October 13 N/A 2

Beyond Superstition: Understanding the Fear of Friday the 13th

“Why all the hullabaloo?” you might wonder, scratching your head. Well, it’s rooted in some maze of myths and folklore so tangled it would make a Minotaur dizzy. Some say it’s the day when misfortune dogs your heels like a persistent alley cat. Others, with a more academic twirl of their glasses, discuss the unease surrounding the number 13 itself – sturdy tables stand on four legs, after all, not 13.

But our fear of Friday the 13th isn’t just old wives’ balderdash; no, those lab-coat-sporting psychologists have a name for it – paraskevidekatriaphobia. Say that thrice fast! The crux of it is, we fear what’s been branded with the hot iron of suspicion and coupled with tales taller than a pacified King Kong. So, you see, superstitions are more than just colloquial ghost stories; they’re societal undercurrents, carrying debris from history’s shores.

Image 15388

Global Traditions and Beliefs Around the Next Friday the 13th

Not all shudder at the thought of this date, though. Globally, the reaction’s as varied as toppings on your grandma’s secret recipe pizza. For instance, in sunny Italy, Friday the 17th pulls the short straw instead, while Spain and Greece give Tuesday the 13th the stink eye.

It’s a cultural stew, chock-full of different ingredients. Some countries, unfazed by Friday 13th, flick superstitions away like a bothersome fly. Others, though, would rather snuggle up to a black cat than face the day without their lucky trinkets. It’s a worldwide web of traditions – some to wrap you up in safety, others to leave you feeling as exposed as a young Brad pitt on the big screen.

When is the Next Friday 13th? Statistical Oddities and Patterns

Now, whip out your calculators, cause things are about to get downright numerically eerie. Spooky, isn’t it, how an average year boasts 1.72 of these ominously marked Fridays? Less common in August and October, sure, but the trend defies clear explanation. It’s akin to asking why William H. Macy nails every role – it’s just in the tapestry of the universe.

Looking at it through your geek-chic spectacles, you’d think an average year would gift wrap exactly one of these days, right? Given there’s 12 months, and each 13th has a one-in-seven shot at being a Friday. But no, it’s not a clean-cut deal – that’s what leaves statisticians and mystics alike scratching their heads.

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Spooky Dates Ahead: When is the Next Friday 13th and Coincidental Events

One might muse whether these Fridays march alongside an uncanny parade of happenstance. It’s like pondering the cosmic significance of “When Is Cobra kai season 6 coming out?” – can the stars really align to bestow such fortune? Or, “When Did Paul walker die?” – could the date of his untimely departure have been penned by a cosmic script?

Tales are spun of Wall Street woes, of moon missions marred by mishap, all sharing this date stamped with the mark of the macabre. Coincidences, you say? Perhaps. Or maybe there’s a dash of the mystical in the mix, a murmur of the universe’s secret musings.

Image 15389

Brave the Unknown: Tips for Facing the Next Friday 13th

Now let’s talk turkey – how do you fend off the jitters? It’s not like preparing for a standardized test; there are no pencils to sharpen, no last-minute crams. Instead, how about embracing the quirkiest of customs, like throwing salt over your shoulder or avoiding stepping on sidewalk cracks?

Put your feet up, watch something heartwarming. Something like “The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 Episode 8” bundles you in a cozy, feel-good blanket. Chase away the ghoulish thoughts, and pepper your day with positivity. Gather with pals, have a laugh, spin the day into memories worth capturing.

When is the Next Friday the 13th Phenomenon in Pop Culture

As a date, Friday the 13th has etched itself in silver screen history, binding its name to a hockey-masked horror icon. It’s a phenomenon that’s spawned more sequels than you’ve had hot dinners! But the date tangoes with more than just Jason – it’s a cameo star across a spectrum of cultural moments.

At its core, the day hinges on humanity’s love for a good yarn – and pop culture is the spinner of society’s stories. It’s fueled the engines of publishers and filmmakers, conjuring up narratives so chilling they’d turn Medusa to stone!

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Logovision Friday The Th Camp Crysal Lake Drawstring Backpack Sports Bag Sackpack x , Perfect for Gym, Yoga or Practice


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Not only is this Sackpack great for exercise and activities, it’s also a standout accessory for casual outings, sleepovers, or spooky-themed events. The horror-inspired aesthetic is sure to spark conversation and showcase your fandom pride, all while keeping your items secure with its reliable construction. Lightweight and easily foldable, it can be stored in your luggage or car, making it an excellent choice for the on-the-go fan looking for a blend of style and practicality in their accessories.

Future Foresight: Predicting Friday the 13th Dates Way Ahead

Admit it, you’re now itching to forecast these dates like a meteorologist maps a hurricane’s course. Looking ahead, 2026 is the jackpot year, with a triple strike of Friday the 13ths. It’s like hitting the spooky lotto, with more Friday the 13th action than you could ask for.

So, while we peer into the crystal ball of calendars in hand, it’s evident: Friday the 13th is here to stay – an uninvited guest popping up in our living room every now and then, unsettling our peace.

Image 15390

Unearthing the Secrets of Friday the 13th: An Innovative Wrap-Up

Friday the 13th, with its shrouded veil of enigma, has traversed through time to arrive at our doorstep. We’ve journeyed from the shrouded unknown to the sparkle of insight, from tossing salt to toasting in celebration. These are the days we live for – the unexplainable, the peculiar, the thrilling.

So, if you’re asking, “When is the next Friday the 13th?” with either a smile or a shiver, look ahead to 2024 for the spine-tinglers, and rest easy knowing the secrets are in-your-face obvious. We’re all a little wiser – lean into the novelty, the history, the sheer oddity of it all, and say, “Friday the 13th, come at me, bro.”




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How many Friday the 13ths are in 2023?

Hey, superstitious folks and calendar buffs! In 2023, we’re looking at two, count ’em, two Friday the 13ths. Ready to mark your calendar? They’ll sneak up on you in January and October – so brace yourselves!

How many Friday the 13th will there be in 2024?

In 2024, well, things are getting interesting! We’ve got ourselves one single, spooky Friday the 13th to keep an eye out for. It’s chillin’ solo in September, giving us a little breather from the usual eeriness.

How often is it Friday the 13th?

Oh, Friday the 13th, you sly thing, you pop up at least once a year but no more than three times if you’re feeling extra cheeky. Just when we think we’ve figured you out, bam, there you are again!

How many Friday the 13th in 2025?

, look out! We’ve got two chances to walk under ladders and avoid black cats. Friday the 13th will come knocking in June and December. Spooky, right?

Is there another Friday the 13th in 2023?

Is there another Friday the 13th lurking in 2023 after January and October? Nope, you’re all clear – no more freaky Fridays that year!

When was June 13th a Friday?

Last time June 13th fell on a Friday? That was back in 2014. Doesn’t sound so far away, but boy, time sure flies!

What is special about the year 2024?

Ah, 2024, you’re a regular leap year with an extra day to skip or hopscotch, depending on your leapin’ style! Plus, get this – the Summer Olympics in Paris – talk about special!

Can Friday the 13th happen twice a year?

Friday the 13th twice a year? You betcha, it can happen! It’s like getting a double scoop of your least favorite ice cream flavor… but some years, just gotta grin and bear it.

Is there a Friday the 13th in 2027?

You curious about 2027? Mark your calendar, there’s just one Friday the 13th in August. A solo scare-fest for all you triskaidekaphobes!

Does Jason Voorhees exist?

Psst, between us, Jason Voorhees is a big ol’ fiction! Keep it on the down low, but he’s just a scary dude from the movies, not roaming around for real.

Who was born Friday the 13th?

Were you born on Friday the 13th? That’s a cool party fact right there! Lots of people were; like, it’s as common as any other Friday. So no worries, you’re in good company!

Is the 13th more likely to fall on a Friday?

The 13th more likely to land on a Friday? Nope, it’s got as much chance as hitting any other day of the week. The calendar’s fair like that!

Can there be 3 Friday the 13th?

Three Friday the 13ths? Hold onto your hats, ’cause it does happen – but only in a pattern more mysterious than my grandma’s knitting. Couldn’t make heads or tails of it if you tried!

Why is Friday 13th unlucky Knights Templar?

Friday the 13th unlucky because of the Knights Templar? Yup, that’s the scoop! It goes way back to 1307 when they were arrested en masse. Talk about a bad day at the office!

What years did October 13th fall on a Friday?

Looking for October 13th on a Friday? You’ll find it in the years 2017 and 2023. Circle it with a big, red pen if you’re into that sort of thing.

How many Friday 13ths are in a year?

Typically, there’s one to three Friday the 13ths in a year – never less, never more. It’s like the weather; you can count on it to change, but not too much.

How many Friday the 13th are there in total?

Total Friday the 13ths in existence? Whoa, buddy, that’s an infinite number as long as those calendars keep flipping!

How many Friday the 13th are there in order?

The order of Friday the 13ths? Well, they follow the Gregorian calendar months like soldiers in line – whenever a month starts on a Sunday, Friday the 13th is on duty.

Can there be two Friday the 13ths in one year?

Can there be two Friday the 13ths in a row? You bet! Just like getting two flat tires on the same day – rare and a bit of a downer, but definitely possible!


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