Hollywood has changed. It’s become bloated with superheroes and CGI-filled blockbusters. They have their place but it’s straying from the roots of classic motion pictures and what they stood for.The magic of movies has lately been too reliant on magic alone. Hollywood’s current empire leans on too many special effects, too many loud explosions without meaning, and too many pop culture references. Studios’ dependence on these cheap tricks and lowbrow jokes only hurt the viewer. There’s no substance and no chance of audience interpretation.

Silver Screen Magazine is a movie publication pushing for the return of true cinema. Like any great screenplay, Silver Screen is demanding change with the power of the pen. We’re not letting this art form die without a fight.

We cover the movies we grew up watching. We’re talking tuxedos. We’re talking old-school luxury. We’re talking about vintage Hollywood that relied on raw storytelling and bold dialogue. Not only are we watching Turner’s classic films of the 1950s and 1960s, but modern movies that emulate that authenticity and feel. We’re nostalgic, but not without merit or purpose.

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This movie magazine is made for the cinephiles and the film buffs. Those who comb over their vintage VHS tapes and DVD archive for compelling stories and performances of Hollywood’s golden age. Those that appreciate the Tarantino’s, the Scorcese’s, the Kubrick’s, and the Hitchocks. The enthusiasts understand the influence of Akira Kurosawa on Western cinema and the intricacies of David Lynch.

Silver Screen’s staff is keeping this dream alive. We’re at Cannes and Sundance. We’re filling seats to see the mid-budget film with thought-provoking plots. Using our voice and platform, we’ll amplify those bold opinions of a forgotten art form.
There’s more to Hollywood than what we’re seeing today. We know we’re not alone in this battle against complacency. Silver Screen is the film magazine that’s making a difference. With our dedication and your support, we’ll turn the tide.


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