Police Academy Cast: Where Are They Now?

Journey Back to the Academy: Revisiting the Iconic Cast of Police Academy

In 1984, a little ball of comedic chaos hit cinemas and, boy, did it cause a stir. “Police Academy” was a hoot and a half, sending audiences into fits of laughter with its irreverent humor and unforgettable characters. The film—and its subsequent sequels—left an indelible mark on pop culture, giving us a gaggle of charming misfits who bumble their way through law enforcement training. The police academy cast blended like coffee and cream, concocting a recipe for blockbuster success that has lingered for decades.

The ensemble’s chemistry was as palpable as a hot potato. Each character, with their quirks and catchphrases, has since been etched in the halls of comedy fame. From the sound effect wizardry of Larvell Jones to the gentle might of Hightower, the cast of Police Academy became household names. Let us march down memory lane and catch up with the faces that once donned those iconic blue uniforms.

Steve Guttenberg – Leading the Squad as Mahoney

Before stepping into the shoes of smooth-talking prankster Mahoney, Steve Guttenberg was finding his footing in Hollywood. The ’80s were good to him, with hits like “Cocoon” and “Three Men and a Baby”, but it was the Police Academy series that truly put his star on the map. However, Guttenberg didn’t star in the fifth installment—Police Academy: Assignment Miami Beach, due to a clash with the filming of “Three Men and a Baby”.

Post-“Police Academy,” Guttenberg’s journey had its ebbs and flows. He continued to grace the screen—a blend of TV gigs, film roles, and even a stint on “Dancing with the Stars.” Nowadays, you might catch him on a pitch black film set or hear that he’s involved with a new project that harkens back to that iconic role. Indeed, whispers through the Hollywood grapevine suggest that a “Police Academy 8” is brewing, with Larvell Jones himself (Michael Winslow) teasing its production. Imagine seeing Mahoney’s quick wit back in action; it’s enough to make fans giddy!

Guttenberg’s portrayal of Mahoney became a part of the 80s zeitgeist, rounding out his public image as an affable everyman—the kind you’d want as both a friend and a ‘save the day’ kind of hero. His cop with a heart of gold routine was a badge he wore with both pride and a wink, and it’s had a lasting effect on his standing in Tinseltown folklore.

Police Academy

Police Academy


The Police Academy series is a collection of comedy films centered around the bumbling yet endearing misfits who enroll in a police academy to become law enforcement officers. Filled with slapstick comedy and a cast of diverse and quirky characters, these films follow the recruits as they navigate the challenges and hilarity of police training. The series began in 1984 with the original film directed by Hugh Wilson and quickly became a beloved comedy franchise with numerous sequels.

Each installment of the Police Academy series delivers a fresh dose of laughs as the characters confront different scenarios, from routine patrols to undercover missions. The series is renowned for its memorable characters such as the soft-spoken Larvell Jones, known for his exceptional sound effects, and the gun-obsessed tackleberry. The franchise, despite its simple formula, highlights the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and the sometimes clumsy path to achieving one’s dreams.

Over time, Police Academy has expanded its reach with a spin-off television show and animated series, appealing to a broad audience, from children to adults. While critics have varied in their reception, the series maintains a loyal fan base. A hallmark of 80s comedy, it has inspired various merchandise, including video games and collectible items, ensuring its place in popular culture as a light-hearted take on law enforcement training.

Character Actor/Actress Notable Information
Cadet/Capt. Mahoney Steve Guttenberg Not featured in this installment due to scheduling conflicts with “Three Men and a Baby”.
Sgt./Lt./Capt./Cmdt. Lassard George Gaynes The lovable and often oblivious commander of the academy.
Sgt./Lt./Capt. Harris G.W. Bailey Known for his strict and antagonistic behavior; filmed a quick cameo during a day off from “Rustler’s Rhapsody”.
Lt./Capt./Comm. Mauser Art Metrano Harris’s rival in earlier films, not featured in the fifth installment.
Officer Carey Mahoney (Character not present in PA5) Steve Guttenberg’s character, not replaced in the fifth film.
Sgt./Lt. Deborah Callahan Leslie Easterbrook The tough but fair instructor with a soft spot for her cadets.
Officer/ Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry David Graf Known for his love of firearms and tactics. Marries Kathleen Kirkland and has a son.
Officer/ Sgt. Larvell Jones Michael Winslow Renowned for his sound effects and comedic timing. Michael Winslow has expressed excitement about “Police Academy 8”.
Officer/ Sgt. Douglas Fackler Bruce Mahler The clumsy but well-meaning officer; not a central character in the fifth installment.
Officer Laverne Hooks Marion Ramsey Recognizable by her soft-spoken demeanor and sudden displays of assertiveness.
Cadet/Officer Moses Hightower Bubba Smith The gentle giant with impressive strength and a heart for his community.
Officer/ Sgt. Proctor Lance Kinsey The dimwitted sidekick to Capt. Harris/Mauser, known for his screw-ups.
Cadet/ Officer Zed Bobcat Goldthwait Former gang leader turned cadet, not featured in the fifth installment but a memorable character in previous films.
Kathleen Kirkland-Tackleberry Colleen Camp Marries Eugene Tackleberry and their son features in the next film.
Eugene Tackleberry Jr. Daniel Ben Wilson (Only mentioned for continuity; appears in the sixth film as the enthusiastic son of Eugene and Kathleen.)

Kim Cattrall – From Cadet to Sensation

Before Kim Cattrall was teaching the world about the birds and the bees as the vivacious Samantha Jones on “Sex and the City,” she reported for duty as the feisty cadet Karen Thompson in “Police Academy.” Her early career was a smattering of roles across film and TV, yet it was the Manolo-Blahnik strutting, martini-sipping publicist that made her a sensation.

Life post-academy was stellar for Cattrall, as she became a defining figure of female liberation and unabashed sexuality on screen. Her career spun on its axis, captivating audiences with her charisma. Recently, she’s continued to act and even returned to her roots on the stage, all while her role in “Police Academy” sits like an older, fun memory in an album filled with glamorous Barbie movie Outfits – delightful but just one of many colorful snapshots.

The juxtaposition of her later iconic role against her “Police Academy” character is stark, displaying her range and depth. While Karen Thompson was a stepping stone, Samantha Jones was a landmark—Cattrall made sure of it.

Image 17075

Michael Winslow – The Man of 10,000 Sound Effects

When it comes to Michael Winslow, words fall short and only sounds should suffice. As Larvell Jones, his vocal gymnastics left audiences belly laughing and incredulously asking, “He made that sound with his mouth?” Winslow’s bevy of noises in “Police Academy” was more than just a party trick—it was comic genius.

From there, the ‘Man of 10,000 Sound Effects’ continued to mesmerize, whether performing stand-up, voice-over, or cameo gigs. Winslow has whirred and beeped his way through the decades, always reminding us of his unique talent. He’s still a draw at comedy clubs, providing a human answer to the question, “Who needs soundboards when you’ve got Michael Winslow?”

The length of Winslow’s career, honed in on his sound effect wizardry, is a testament to both his talent and the unique niche he carved out. Police sirens, helicopters, and more—his vocal cords pack a Hollywood-worthy soundstage.

Bubba Smith – From Football Field to Silver Screen

Bubba Smith made tackling the big screen look as effortless as tackling quarterbacks. Transitioning from the NFL to “Police Academy,” he brought real heft and heart to the role of Moses Hightower. The gentle giant with a knack for floristry became an instant fan favorite.

Following his turn as Hightower, Smith continued to act, though never found a role as endearing as the gentle giant with a green thumb. Sadly, in 2011, Smith passed away, leaving behind a legacy both on the field and the silver screen. His charitable efforts, particularly with children, are a testament to the man behind the badge—bigger in heart than he ever was in stature.

Smith’s legacy in the film is one of warmth and laughter, a throwback to a time when comedies weren’t afraid to be both silly and sweet. Tributes to his life continue to crop up, from sports commentaries to film retrospectives, highlighting the multifaceted life he led.

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G.W. Bailey – Commanding the Laughs as Lieutenant Harris

Before he was loving to hate and hating to love Lt. Thaddeus Harris, G.W. Bailey was a practiced actor with plenty of chops. “Police Academy” simply gave him the perfect podium to showcase his comedic nous—snarling and sneering with every “Move it, move it, move it!”

Bailey’s post-Police Academy life saw him scurry across a range of roles, but perhaps most notably as the cantankerous yet loveable Lt. Provenza in “The Closer” and its spin-off, “Major Crimes”. Markedly, his skill in playing the ornery authority figure with a gooey center solidified him as a beloved character actor.

His work off-screen deserves applause, too, with his extensive philanthropic endeavors showing a heart as gold as those bars on Harris’ uniform. Between acting and charity, Bailey’s proven that life after the academy is as rich and rewarding as any gruff lieutenant could hope for.

Image 17076

Marion Ramsey – Remembering Hooks and Her Legacy

The high-pitched whispers of “Excuse me, sir?” that Marion Ramsey breathed life into as Officer Laverne Hooks charmed their way into the hearts of audiences. Prior to “Police Academy,” Ramsey’s stage presence was already turning heads, but it was her soft-spoken character that left an indelible mark on her career.

Post-“Police Academy,” Ramsey’s roles often reflected the campy, comedic pulse she so effectively harnessed on-screen. Her public persona remained forever intertwined with Hooks, both innocent and mighty in her demure demeanor. Sadly, in early 2021, Marion Ramsey passed on, but not without leaving behind laughs and inspiration for aspiring comedic actors everywhere.

Ramsey’s legacy is one of comic ingenuity—how to wield quiet power in a world of clamoring loudness. Her departure was felt across the Police Academy cast, with tributes flowing in, painting the picture of a woman who could command a room with a whisper and a smile.

George Gaynes – From Commandant Lassard to Beyond

George Gaynes’ storied career had seen it all—from Broadway to “Punky Brewster” and everything in between—before he stepped into the shoes of the lovably oblivious Commandant Eric Lassard. His portrayal was nothing short of comedic gold, providing the kind of leadership only a Police Academy could revere.

After his time as Lassard, Gaynes graced our screens here and there, embracing a diverse array of roles that proved his versatility within the acting realm. His post-Police Academy days as an actor were exploratory, colorful, and full of the same zest he brought to the daft commandant.

Gaynes’ contributions to the craft did not go unnoticed, casting a long shadow even after his passing in 2016. He stands as a bastion of adaptability and charm within the industry—a true reflection of a life well-acted.

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Behind the Badge: Supporting Cast Members Then and Now

Now don’t you forget about those supporting cast members—each without a squad car to their name but with stories that are every bit as compelling. Their career paths are as twisty as a mountain road and equally as exciting to explore.

  • Leslie Easterbrook (Sgt. Callahan) continued to flaunt her stringent charm across film and television, dipping into the horror genre.
  • David Graf (Tackleberry) embraced his natural talent for comedy until his untimely passing, leaving behind fond memories of his gun-loving, soft-hearted officer.
  • Lance Kinsey (Proctor) carried his hilarity over to writing and directing, proving talents behind the scenes can be just as sharp.
  • Cast members like these are reminders that sometimes, it’s the players without the top billing that provide the most eccentric and memorable performances—key ingredients in the Police Academy cast recipe.

    Image 17077

    The Legacy of Police Academy: Influence on Pop Culture and Cinema

    The slapstick shenanigans of the Police Academy cast have remained a steadfast piece of cinematic history. The series served up spoofs a-plenty but did so with such affection for the genre that its influence can be seen across a slew of comedies and cop satires that followed.

    Bubbling underneath the chuckles, the “Police Academy” films poked fun at authority and celebrated the underdog—a storyline as relevant today as it was back then. The films’ legacies even extend to inspiring remakes and talks of reunions—because let’s face it, we love a bit of nostalgia with our belly laughs.

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    Continuing the Laughter: Police Academy’s Enduring Resonance in Today’s Entertainment Landscape

    This franchise has had staying power, much like a chewed piece of gum sticking to the sole of pop culture. The undying devotion of its fandom is evident at fan conventions or in the excited buzz around potential reboots and revivals. We’re seeing a pattern, aren’t we? History loves to repeat itself, and classic comedy lands every time.

    The lasting impact of the Police Academy cast on today’s film and television landscape is like a badge worn proudly—it’s emblematic, and it signifies a playful poke at the pomp of the protocols and red tape.

    Image 17078

    Beyond the Academy: Life Lessons and Laughter

    Dig a little deeper, past the pratfalls and pie-in-the-face humor, and you’ll find stories of camaraderie and triumph. The mighty hook from which the cast of Police Academy swung was the idea that no matter your quirk or qualm, there’s a place for you. That notion mirrors the journeys of the actors themselves, each finding their niche—even if it meant peddling through Hollywood post-academy on a bike equipped with training wheels.

    The personal trajectories of these actors reflect a wild ride of opportunities seized and challenges embraced. It’s the stuff of Shel Silverstein Books—bold, adventurous, and speckled with humor.

    Image 17079

    In closing, the Police Academy cast has marched on, each to the beat of their own drum (or sound effect, as Winslow would have it). They’ve carved out a place in our collective memories, endearing themselves to us through charm, laughs, and a little slice of rebellion. Whether clad in a purple suit from “Paradox Magazine” or marching through the cobblestone streets of Hollywood, this cast reminds us that the real world can sometimes use a pinch of reel-world magic. Their transformation over the years showcases not just where they’ve been, but also the immeasurable impact they’ve had—forever a band of lovable misfits in blue, bringing the laughter wherever they go.

    “Police Academy” Cast: Then and Now Trivia

    Steve Guttenberg as Carey Mahoney

    Well, look who marched straight out of the academy and into our hearts! Steve Guttenberg, or as the world fondly remembers him, Carey Mahoney, lit up the silver screen in the ’80s with his charm and wit. After his “Police Academy” shenanigans, Guttenberg didn’t drop off the radar. In fact, his career kept chugging along with roles in movies like “Three Men and a Baby” and its sequel. Nowadays, Steve’s still acting, writing, and by George, he’s even tried his hand at Broadway. Just goes to show, once you’ve patrolled those cinematic streets, the world’s your oyster!

    Michael Winslow as Larvell Jones

    Remember the guy with the sound effects? That’s right, Michael Winslow, aka the “Man of 10,000 Sound Effects,” hasn’t lost his touch. Don’t think for a second that his vocal cords have retired. He’s been buzzing, clicking, and honking his way through various gigs, from stand-up comedy to voice-over work. Boy oh boy, this man’s talent is as timeless as a classic cop donut joke!

    Kim Cattrall as Karen Thompson

    Before she strutted down the streets of New York in “Sex and the City,” Kim Cattrall was turning heads as Karen Thompson. Post her “Police Academy” patrol, Kim’s star shot up like a firework, becoming one of TV’s most iconic figures. And hey, let’s not forget, she’s also graced the stage with her presence, giving those theater critics something to talk about. She’s one classy officer who’s never stopped being fabulous, am I right?

    Bubba Smith as Moses Hightower

    The gentle giant with a badge, Bubba Smith, towered over the rest like a lovable skyscraper in “Police Academy,” and he just kept on soaring. From the gridiron to the silver screen, Smith left an indelible mark. Although we lost this legend in 2011, his legacy in both the sports world and Hollywood stands tall. One thing’s for sure, the spirit of Moses Hightower will forever echo through the halls of comedy fame.

    Marion Ramsey as Laverne Hooks

    With a voice that could startle a whisper and a heart of solid gold, Marion Ramsey brought to life the unforgettable Laverne Hooks. Post-academy life saw Marion dabbling in voice acting, Broadway, and even charity work. Sadly, the curtains closed for this beloved star in early 2021. Marion’s memory, however, continues to inspire smiles and chuckles in all of us who remember her saying, “Don’t move, dirtbag!”

    G.W. Bailey as Thaddeus Harris

    Ah, Captain Harris, the man we loved to smirk at, the superb G.W. Bailey. After his days of playing the stern face at the academy, Bailey didn’t stray too far from the law enforcement roles, starring in shows such as “The Closer” and its spin-off “Major Crimes.” G.W. has also been a driving force behind the Sunshine Kids Foundation, which speaks volumes about the gold badge he wears in real life.

    David Graf as Eugene Tackleberry

    The one and only Tackleberry, with more fire in his eyes than his trigger finger, was brought to life by the one-of-a-kind David Graf. While Graf’s comedic edge never lost its sharpness, he blossomed into a beloved character actor. Sadly, the self-styled enforcer hung up his holster and badge in 2001, but not before leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of “Police Academy” fans worldwide.

    Tackleberry’s Legacy of Laughter

    Speaking of laughter, did you know that humor can be a force for change? Just like how Tackleberry deployed his unique brand of justice, there’s a modern-day equivalent turning heads in the political arena. Get ready to meet Maxwell Frost,( a young gun who’s shaking things up, just like our beloved character did—though with words, not ammo!

    From warm-hearted moments to sidesplitting gags, the “Police Academy” cast gave us characters that have become timeless staples in comedic lore. And now, as we’ve taken a walk down memory lane, it’s like these stars have never left us. They carried their badges into other forms of stardom and continue to shine, proof that good humor and strong characters never go out of style. Just don’t try any funny business; the spirit of the “Police Academy” is always watching!

    Image 17080

    Why was Mahoney not in Police Academy 5?

    Why was Mahoney not in Police Academy 5?
    Oh, boy, fans sure missed that charming troublemaker! Steve Guttenberg, a.k.a. Mahoney, wasn’t in “Police Academy 5” because he decided to explore new opportunities and waved goodbye to the franchise after the fourth film. Looks like our wise-cracking lead felt it was time to turn the page and dive into other acting pursuits.

    Will there be Police Academy 8?

    Will there be Police Academy 8?
    There’ve been whispers about a “Police Academy 8” for ages, but as of now, nothing’s set in stone. The rumor mill’s always churning, but until we get the official word, it’s all just talk. Fans are crossing their fingers, hoping the gang will get back to their hilarious hijinks!

    Who is Tackleberry’s wife in Police Academy?

    Who is Tackleberry’s wife in Police Academy?
    Ha, talk about a match made in heaven! In “Police Academy,” the gun-loving, tough-as-nails Tackleberry finds his perfect match in Kirkland, played by Colleen Camp. These two lovebirds tie the knot, proving even the most trigger-happy cop can find his soulmate.

    Why wasn t Harris in Police Academy 2?

    Why wasn’t Harris in Police Academy 2?
    Captain Harris, the stickler for rules, played by actor G.W. Bailey, was MIA in “Police Academy 2.” Well, the actor was kept busy with a role on the TV series “St. Elsewhere,” so he couldn’t strut his authoritarian stuff in the sequel—talk about a scheduling clash!

    How many movies was Kim Cattrall in Police Academy?

    How many movies was Kim Cattrall in Police Academy?
    Kim Cattrall, the blonde bombshell, graced the “Police Academy” series with her presence just once, in the inaugural film. After her stint as the vivacious Cadet Thompson, she moved on, leaving fans wishing she’d stuck around longer.

    Why did Steve Guttenberg stop Police Academy?

    Why did Steve Guttenberg stop Police Academy?
    Steve Guttenberg, the franchise’s golden boy, hung up his badge after “Police Academy 4.” Seems like he reckoned four rounds of prank-pulling and crime-fighting were enough, and it was high time to chase after different cinematic adventures.

    Why isn t Bubba Smith in Police Academy 7?

    Why isn’t Bubba Smith in Police Academy 7?
    Bubba Smith, the gentle giant who played Hightower, chose not to return for “Police Academy: Mission to Moscow.” The word on the street is that he wasn’t happy with the script. It sure wasn’t the same without him towering over the baddies.

    What city is the Police Academy set in?

    What city is the Police Academy set in?
    The “Police Academy” movies keep things vague, never actually naming the city where the cadets cause a ruckus. It’s everytown, USA—anywhere and everywhere a band of misfits can become heroes with badges.

    What happened to Steve Guttenberg?

    What happened to Steve Guttenberg?
    Steve Guttenberg didn’t vanish, he’s been around, keeping busy with a mix of acting, writing, and charity work. From Broadway to the ballroom on “Dancing with the Stars,” this ’80s icon is still making moves and charming fans off their couches.

    Who was the quiet girl in Police Academy?

    Who was the quiet girl in Police Academy?
    Remember the one who hardly ever spoke but when she did, the earth shook? That’s Leslie Easterbrook’s character, Sergeant Callahan, the no-nonsense instructor with a voice that could cut through steel when riled up—silent but deadly!

    Who is the tall blonde in Police Academy?

    Who is the tall blonde in Police Academy?
    If we’re talking statuesque blondes, then it’s gotta be the fearsome and formidable Sergeant Callahan played by Leslie Easterbrook. An arresting presence, she was just the right mix of intimidating and enticing!

    Who was the blonde in Police Academy 1?

    Who was the blonde in Police Academy 1?
    Well, that would be the ’80s siren Kim Cattrall, playing Cadet Karen Thompson. She was the civilian with a knack for law enforcement and hearts, giving Mahoney a run for his money in the charm department.

    Why did Mahoney quit Police Academy?

    Why did Mahoney quit Police Academy?
    As for Mahoney, he never “quit” while on-screen; it’s Steve Guttenberg, the actor, who decided to call it quits after his fourth turn as the wisecracking cadet-turned-officer. He felt it was time to hang up his hat and seek out new horizons.

    Where was Police Academy 2 filmed at?

    Where was Police Academy 2 filmed at?
    “Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment” had the recruits painting the town red in sunny Los Angeles, California. The city’s diverse locales provided the perfect backdrop for the squad’s wild and wacky shenanigans.

    Was Steve Guttenberg in Police Academy 6?

    Was Steve Guttenberg in Police Academy 6?
    Yep, Steve Guttenberg was still fighting the good fight in “Police Academy 6: City Under Siege.” That was his last huzzah before he said, “That’s all, folks!” to the beloved series. And what a wild ride it was!


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