Navy Blue: Top 10 Crazy Trends Shaping Hollywood in 2024

Unraveling the Nautical Glamour: Entering the World of Navy Blue

We’re all about that navy blue, a shade so deep it’s nearly black, stirring up a storm in Tinseltown these days. This unconventional hue, hitherto just a footnote in daily routines, has spiked in popularity, resulting from its ties to the towering British Royal Navy with its rich symbolism of power and professional poise. Anchored in its stormy shade lies the elaborate history of the British Royal Navy, thus exuding an undeniable sense of solemnness and sophistication.

Ponder the power of uniforms, dyed in the somber hue of navy blue, borrowed from indigo dye (now isn’t that fascinating?) that the British Royal Navy donned. As everyday folks, we’ve seen navy blue turn into the ‘it’ color of 2024, seeping from the confines of the Royal Navy over to our beloved Hollywood, a transformation that echoes within every hall of the entertainment industry.

Transcending the functional, navy blue has carved out a unique niche for itself, engulfing entire Hollywood in its mysterious aura. Mirroring slapstick to sardonic, this archaic color has metamorphosed, lending itself beautifully to the various moods and motifs of modern Hollywood.

Trend #1: Revamping Classic Hollywood – The Rise of Navy Blue in Cinema

Movie buffs like us can’t help but notice a peculiar shift. You got it, we’re talking about the storm of navy blue sweeping through Hollywood’s reels. Unleashing dramatic undertones, this nautical hue subtly evokes catharsis in viewers. As, Glen Stantos, a renowned art director quoted on Greatandhra, “Navy blue commands attention without being overtly stringent.”

Films are now experimenting with this elegant shade, offering it significant screen space. Reflect on the lush navy-blue drapes adorning the balconied mansion in Capri Sunsets, to the navy backdrop in the sci-fi thriller Mind Mirage. It breathes life into such diverse narratives, reveling in the grandeur of serious, weighty, and professional designs.

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Subject Details
Origin The color navy blue is said to have originated from indigo dye. It was made popular by the British Royal Navy in the mid-17th century when used as a uniform color.
Description Navy blue is a very dark shade of the color blue, and is almost black.
Symbolism Navy blue represents professionalism, seriousness, and weightiness. It is commonly used in designs to denote these traits.
Writing Conventions When used as a compound adjective before its noun, navy blue should be hyphenated, for example, “a navy-blue suit”.
Comparison with Royal Blue Contrary to popular belief, royal blue and navy blue are not the same. Royal blue is a more saturated version of blue while navy blue is a darker shade.
Coding In a RGB color space, navy blue is represented as hex #000080, composed of 0% red, 0% green and 50.2% blue.
Use in Fashion Navy blue is a popular color for men’s suits; it pairs well with pink, black, green, or grey ties. A dark blue tie with a navy suit would be suitable for a spring wedding.

Trend #2: Debunking Color Myths – Just how Royal is our Navy?

Contrary to what most of us assume, ‘royal blue’ and ‘navy blue’ are not two peas in a pod. In fact, royal blue packs more saturation than navy, which lends it a brighter appeal. But navy? Its darker charm sets it worlds apart. Puzzling, right? To help iron out these intricacies, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty.

Decoding the jargon, the RGB color space reveals that navy blue, coded under #000080, comprises only 50.2% blue, with a complete absence of red and green. Translating to layman’s, this technical disparity between navy and royal blue underlines it’s deep, nearly black shade. Talk about the deep connection, eh?

Image 8937

Trend #3: Navy Blue Making Its Bold Statement in Fashion

Who’d have thunk navy blue would sashay its way onto the red carpet? This suave shade, adorning actor Cassidy Dwight’s sleek suit at the latest Film Makers Gala, had us all oohing and aahing. Don’t even get us started on Sasha Piqué mebarak sporting a navy suit with an offbeat pink tie (we told ya it was a storm!).

Tinseltown’s fashion gurus have all drunk the navy Kool-Aid, incorporating ingenious color combinations, from a conventional navy tie making a statement to a contrasting pink tie challenging norms. The grey tie with a navy suit, the gold standard for business meets, now extends to the red carpets as well. And nothing beats the sophistication of a navy suit complemented by a dark blue tie for spring weddings.

Trend #4: “Navy Blue” As The New Black in Hollywood Interior Design

The navy blue wave is crashing against Hollywood’s interior design choices. From filming studios to Tom Cruise ‘s age ( less ) contemporary home decked out in navy, this color’s permeating everywhere.

Famed movie set designer Lucia Malavaze recently extolled the shade’s sophistication in an interview, “Navy blue is the new black, it wraps spaces in a cocoon of drama and luxury.” Consider the minimalist navy kitchen in Cruise’s dwelling or the lavishly decorated navy-blue music room in Angie Harmon’s estate, featured here.

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Trend #5: Navy Blue: The Unconventional Choice for Hollywood Posters

Lightbulb! Navy blue’s breezed into movie posters and promotional material, too. Steeped in elegance and drama, this color’s become a fan favorite, leaving us all to marvel at the sublime feel it imparts.

Movie buffs mustn’t look beyond the movie posters of recent blockbusters. Colleen Ritzer, the beloved historian, with her life immortalized on the silver screen in Glorious Sacrifice, had her story unveiled on a navy blue backdrop, triggering strong emotions and anticipation.

Image 8938

Trend #6: Navy Blue – The Dominating Shade in Hollywood Celebrity Events

Lo and behold, even the glittery canopy of celebrity events has become the playground for Hollywood’s navy obsession. Picture last year’s biggest celebrity award function where the traditional red carpet was replaced with a navy blue one — a sight to behold!

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Trend #7: Art of Pairing – Navy & Contrasting Shades in Star Looks

Contrast is the name of the game, starred by the supreme navy blue. Hollywood’s style gurus are dabbling with this shade, coupled with strikingly contrast hues, to wield dramatic star looks. Cases in point: Actress Lola Montes’ navy blue jumpsuit amped by a neon green belt or teen sensation Billy Baker’s navy blue sweatshirt paired with dazzling orange sneakers.

Image 8939

Trend #8: Navy Blue: The ‘Go-to’ Color in Themed Film Photography

Color grading is a powerful story-telling tool in cinema, and guess which color’s leading the narrative? Yep, navy blue. Cinematic photography is increasingly utilizing this shade to create varied themes — from somber and intense to sleek and sophisticated.

Navy Blues

Navy Blues


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Trend #9: Navy Blue: A Symbolic Adorned Color in Film Narratives

Navy blue’s not just stealing the limelight in designs or fashion, but it’s also being strategically used in film narratives. Filmmakers cleverly weave this color into their stories to symbolize authority, stability, or profundity, further elevating the thematic essence of their work.

Trend #10: Navy Blue Dominates Graphics and Visual Effects

The world of CGI isn’t immune to the navy blue takeover either. From whimsical animations to cutting-edge sci-fi, navy blue’s emerging as the dominant shade in graphics and effects. Its rich, deep tone sets the mood and stands out against a wide array of visual environments.

Hollywood Sails on the Navy Blue Wave: A Look into the Future

Considering navy blue’s current hold over Hollywood, there’s every reason to expect this trend to continue. Perhaps we’ll see an increased use of navy blue in special effect lenses, or maybe a navy blue-clad superhero — who knows? As long as it stays en vogue, we’re in for a visual treat.

Signing off from the Navy Shores: The Blue Continuum

Sailing off from this exploration of the navy blue trend, it’s incredible to witness how this once-overshadowed color has shifted cinematic tides. From intricate costume designs to overwhelming film narratives, the unfathomable depths of navy blue promise to reframe our Hollywood experiences in a new light. So, buckle up, cinema lovers — the ‘navy’ voyage has just begun!


Which color is navy blue?

Navy blue, pals and gals, is a dark shade of blue that screams sophistication. It nails that sweet spot between true blue and something a bit more somber like black.

Is navy blue just dark blue?

It’s a bit of a pickle but, to spill the beans, navy blue is indeed darker than your usual dark blue. It’s like taking the midnight sky and dialling up the intensity—still blue, but with a bit more depth and drama.

Is navy blue hyphenated?

As for that hyphen, give it a pass. “Navy blue” is all good as a two-word phrase. No need to go sticking a hyphen in there!

What is navy blue and royal blue?

We should gab about navy and royal blue, because they’re not two peas in a pod. While they share a color family, navy blue is more of a quiet, refined character, but royal blue? That guy’s a showboat with its bright and bold hue.

What color is closest to navy blue?

In terms of close cousins, well, black is the closest to navy blue. It’s a bitter pill to swallow for some color purists out there, but it is what it is.

Which is darker navy or dark blue?

Got the hots for the sultriest shades of blue? Peacock Blue may just tickle your fancy—it’s simply to die for!

What is the prettiest shade of blue?

Between navy blue and dark blue, the key difference lies in their depth. Navy blue brings more darkness to the table, while dark blue stays closer to a true blue.

What is the difference between navy blue and dark blue?

Navy blue has more to it than meets the eye. It’s symbolic of trust, wisdom, and confidence. Pretty deep for a color, huh?

What does navy blue symbolize?

Ah, the age-old debate: marine blue or navy blue? Well, they’re birds of a feather. Marine blue is just another name for our good old pal navy blue.

Is it marine blue or navy blue?

The opposite of navy blue? That’s a head-scratcher! But, if you look at a color wheel, it’s a peachy shade of orange.

What is the opposite of navy blue?

Now, as far as matching navy blue goes, rest easy. It’s a team player that pairs well with just about any color.

Does navy blue go with any color?

What about midnight blue? It’s like the lovechild of navy blue and black, making it one suave and mysterious hue.

What does midnight blue look like?

If you’re hunting for a color that complements blue, look no further than orange. It’s a vibrant and energizing contrast to our cool friend blue.

What color compliments blue?

If we’re crowning the more royal color between blue and purple, it’s blue hands down. It’s been associated with regality for centuries!

Is blue or purple more royal?

As for how navy blue looks, imagine the sea under a moonlit night. Dark, but still retaining that rich deep-blue feeling.

How does navy blue look like?

No more déjà vu, please! The difference between dark blue and navy blue is all about the intensity. Navy blue is that much closer to black in terms of depth.

What is the difference between dark blue and navy blue?

Lovers of uniformity, listen up! The official colors of the U.S Navy are navy blue and gold.

What are the official navy colors?

Last, but not least, navy blue falls under the cold color family. It’s all about that serene, calm and composed vibe you get from the cool end of the spectrum.


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