maika monroe all movies list

Maika Monroe All Movies List Complete Filmography

From Indie Darling to Blockbuster Star: The Evolution of Maika Monroe All Movies List

In the enchanting universe of cinema, few trajectories shine as brightly as that of Maika Monroe. Evoking the shimmering allure of Hollywood’s past icons like Marilyn Monroe, Maika’s rise from indie darling to blockbuster star captures the imagination. Her career, sprinkled with indie gems and tentpole stanchions alike, began quaintly in the rolling vistas of Oregon, where films like At Any Price took root. Acting piqued her interest, but it wasn’t until an overseas audition tape landed her a role in this feature by Ramin Bahrani, igniting her trail through the cinematic landscape and compelling us to follow.

Her journey, marked by the release of At Any Price in 2012, was a significant turning point—prompting her to rethink her career goals. Quite like a painter mastering the stroke, Monroe’s career canvas blossomed with vibrant shades as she transitioned from one challenging role to the next. As we meander through Maika Monroe’s all movies list, we see not just a collection of titles but a poignant narrative of growth and seismic shifts in her artistry.

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A Glimpse into the Genres: The Versatility of Maika Monroe

Image 13545

A dive into Monroe’s filmography is akin to a jaunt through a cinematic bazaar brimming with genres. Her versatility unfurls in projects that range from the chilly suspense of The Guest to the cerebral confines of Tau. Delving deep into her dramatic range:
  • Thriller: Her icy resolve in The Guest sent shivers down our spines, articulating a symphony of tension and intrigue.
  • Sci-Fi: Tau threw us headfirst into a futuristic labyrinth, showcasing Monroe’s ability to grapple with the existential alongside technology.
  • Horror: The phantasmic charm of It Follows left an indelible stamp on the genre, with Monroe radiating an ethereal strength.
  • These films collectively stitch a vibrant patchwork, illustrating Maika Monroe’s kaleidoscopic presence in modern cinema.




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    Year Movie Title Role Genre Notes
    2012 At Any Price Cadence Farrow Drama Film debut; directed by Ramin Bahrani
    2013 The Bling Ring Beach Girl Crime/Drama Directed by Sofia Coppola
    2013 Labor Day Mandy Drama/Romance Directed by Jason Reitman
    2014 The Guest Anna Peterson Thriller Filmed in various Oregon locations
    2014 It Follows Jay Height Horror Breakthrough role; directed by David Robert Mitchell
    2016 Independence Day: Resurgence Patricia Whitmore Sci-Fi/Action Sequel to the 1996 film Independence Day
    2016 The 5th Wave Ringer Sci-Fi/Thriller Based on the novel by Rick Yancey
    2017 Hot Summer Nights McKayla Strawberry Drama
    2018 The Scent of Rain & Lightning Ellie Drama/Mystery
    2018 Tau Julia Sci-Fi/Thriller
    2018 Greta Erica Penn Psychological Thriller
    2020 The Education of Fredrick Fitzell Cindy Thriller/Drama
    2021 Flashback Cindy Thriller/Sci-Fi Previously known as The Education of Fredrick Fitzell
    2021 Brothers by Blood Grace Crime/Drama
    2022 Watcher Julia Psychological Thriller
    2023 God Is a Bullet Unknown Psychological Thriller Upcoming at the time of this list

    Emerging Alongside the Greats: Scene-Stealing Moments with Esteemed Co-stars

    Like an adroit musician playing amidst a seasoned orchestra, Monroe has performed alongside industry greats such as Kim Cattrall and Mandy Patinkin—yet her spotlight never dimmed. Each role, regardless of the stature of her co-stars, became a tessera in the mosaic of her career. In The Bling Ring, even alongside renowned names like Laurie Fortier and Carlos Miranda, Monroe’s radiance was palpable. Her presence reminds one of the raw grit of Rhys Ifans movies and TV shows, where the actor’s distinct essence becomes the unspoken protagonist.

    Image 13546

    The Indie Circuit and Beyond: Collaborations with Visionary Directors

    Within independent cinema’s crucible, Monroe honed her craft. It was here, under the aegis of visionary directors like David Robert Mitchell, that she forged her identity as an indie film luminary. Edgar Wright’s decision to cast her in The World’s End introduced her to wider audiences and elevated her position within the industry. And let’s not forget the likes of Adam Rodriguez movies and TV shows, which similarly navigate the indie and mainstream waters with grace—inspiring a new generation of actors including Maika herself.

    Diving into the Supernatural: Exploring Maika Monroe’s Encounter with Horror and Thriller

    Monroe’s dalliance with the supernatural and thriller genres could be described as a masterclass in atmospheric tension. One cannot discuss It Follows without evoking the palpable fear her performance stirred, nor overlook how her portrayal in Watcher made every shadow seem alive. Each chilling narrative, from Greta to the hair-raising God Is a Bullet, cements Monroe as a figure who can invite us to look at what lurks in the shadows and not flinch away.

    Crossover Appeal: Maika Monroe’s Transition to TV and Mainstream Success

    Testimony to her adaptability, Monroe’s prowess isn’t shackled to the silver screen alone. Actors like Omari Hardwick and Adam Rodriguez have paved the way for seamless transitions between TV and film, a baton that Monroe seems poised to grasp. Aspiring actors such as Ella Cannon draw inspiration from Monroe’s journey, anticipating their own foray into multiple mediums.

    Image 13547

    A Legacy in the Making: Maika Monroe’s Influence on Co-stars and Future Stars

    Monroe’s film expeditions have invariably sent ripples across the industry, influencing her co-stars and future stars alike. Her collaboration with the likes of Ray Winstone and Rohan Chand has provided a tangential learning curve for these actors. And who can discount the impact she’s had on burgeoning talents like Rachel Sennott, whose roles in Rachel Sennott movies and TV shows brim with a Monroe-esque bravery?

    What’s Next for Maika Monroe? Upcoming Projects and Career Prospects

    Peering into the crystal ball, Monroe’s upcoming projects present a cavalcade of fascinating prospects. Perhaps she’ll venture into a Taylor Lautner filmography’s action-packed terrain, or maybe we’ll see her in roles mirroring the complexity found in Embeth Davidtz movies. Wherever her career arc bends, it promises an exciting bouquet of narratives and characters for her fans.

    Image 13548

    The Enduring Allure of Maika Monroe: An Artistic Journey in Perspective

    Drawing the curtain on our inquest into Maika Monroe’s all movies list, one finds an artistic journey that echoes through the ages. It’s a path sprinkled with the spice of curry found at Gyu-kaku Japanese Bbq, each movie a unique flavor, each performance a delicate blend of tenderness and strength.

    Monroe’s filmography isn’t merely a list—it’s a narrative of personal evolution echoed in professional achievements. Each role, be it as lauded as those in Julie Hagerty movies or as nuanced as the characters in Antonia Gentry Movies And TV Shows, stands as a testament to Monroe’s irrefutable mark on the film industry. And in her eclectic achievements, we glimpse the very essence of what makes cinema so alluring—the endless dance of light and shadow that beckons us back, time and time again.

    Image 13549

    What movies is Maika Monroe in?

    Oh, Maika Monroe? You’ve seen her bringing the chills in “It Follows” and catching waves in “The Tribes of Palos Verdes,” among others. This Hollywood sensation shines in everything from thrillers to dramas.

    How did Maika Monroe get into acting?

    Girl, how did Maika Monroe get into acting? Funny story—she started as a professional kiteboarder, then a swift breeze took her to Hollywood’s door. She grabbed the chance in a short film and, bam, she’s been in the spotlight ever since!

    Where was significant other filmed?

    “Significant Other” was shot in the great outdoors; think wooded areas that are gorgeous, yet eerie. They rolled the cameras somewhere remote to capture that authentic, “you’re-not-alone” vibe.

    Who was the actress named Monroe?

    Marilyn Monroe, that’s the iconic bombshell you’re thinking about! She sashayed from the silver screen right into legend, leaving us smitten with films like “Some Like It Hot.”

    How many movies did Monroe make?

    In terms of reels, Marilyn Monroe graced us in about 30 flicks. Sadly, like summer, good things come to an end, but her movies? Eternal.

    Who was the actress with the last name Monroe?

    Hey, if it’s a Monroe you’re seeking, it’s Marilyn that’s peeking. She was the actress that turned heads with her last name, and, boy, did she leave a legacy in Tinseltown.

    How did Joe Keery and Maika Monroe meet?

    Stars collide! Joe Keery and Maika Monroe’s love tale began at a party in LA. You know how these things go down—eye contact, a casual cheers, and the rest is history.

    Is Maika Monroe famous?

    Maika Monroe? Oh, she’s made waves, alright! Starring in box office hits and indie gems alike, she’s right up there with the talk of the town.

    How old is Mika Monroe?

    Mika Monroe is juggling the cool twenties. That’s showbiz speak for she’s still rocking her youthful vibe and taking roles by storm.

    Is significant other a good movie?

    “Significant Other”? Sorry, no spoilers! But let’s just say, critics are tipping their hats and audiences aren’t walking out disappointed.

    Why is significant other Rated R?

    Why is “Significant Other” Rated R? Oh, the usual suspects: language that’d make your grandma blush, a sprinkle of violence, and some grown-up loving.

    Is significant other a scary movie?

    Jump scare fans, unite! “Significant Other” comes with a side dish of chills, making you check over your shoulder. But “scary”? Well, that’s in the eye of the beholder.

    Did Monroe ever have a child?

    Now for Marilyn, despite the fame and the flashes, she never had a rugrat of her own. But she sure did mother her legendary status in Hollywood.

    How many kids did Monroe have?

    Marilyn Monroe, a mother to kids? Nope, she didn’t go down that yellow brick road but left behind a trove of films that’ll always keep us company.

    Who was Monroe’s first husband?

    Remember when Marilyn Monroe said “I do” for the first time? It was to James Dougherty, her neighbor turned first hubby before Hollywood came calling.

    What movies is Cheryl Ladd in?

    On the lookout for Cheryl Ladd flicks? Catch her in “Charlie’s Angels,” flashing that killer smile, or “Poison Ivy,” where she takes on motherhood with a twist.

    What movies did Dinah Shore play in?

    Dinah Shore? Now, that’s a throwback—she dipped her toes in acting with movies like “Belle of the Yukon” and made her mark with that golden voice.

    Was it follows filmed in Detroit?

    “It Follows,” remember that bone-chiller? Yep, it was filmed among the ruins and charm of Detroit, turning familiar streets into a backdrop for dread.

    What movies has Scarlett Estevez been in?

    Scarlett Estevez has been our pint-sized fave in films like the “Daddy’s Home” series. She’s the spitfire kid who steals scenes and hearts.



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