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How to throw the best costume party

Once in a while, it is good to take a break from the norm and have a party like no other. So throwing a costume party at least once a year should be something everyone should consider.

Because of how special these kinds of parties are, you will need to take your time and plan every stage of the event well. From the costumes to music, and even the food and drinks, everything has to be done in a creative way.

Why you should throw a costume party in the first place

In case you have never thought about it, a lot of good things can come from hosting a costume party. People are having a tough life out there, they could really use a break from everything that is happening in the world.

Unlike grabbing a drink with friends or having a regular get-together, costume parties will give you and your friends a chance to step into a different reality. Which keeps the mind occupied with fun activities for as long as the party holds.

And when the mind is occupied with things that are not commonly seen in everyday life, it could have the same effect as a vacation to a remote island with all the people you love.

With a costume party, you and your friends can take on new personalities. If there is something you have always wanted to do or someone you have always wanted to be, the personality you take up for the costume party can allow you to visualize that dream, even if it is for one day.

You can get as wild and crazy as you want to be. Irrespective of your age or your social status, you can be a happy child again, which is very good for your mental health. 

If the costume party is to be held at work, you get to see your abrasive boss in a funny outfit and makeup — which provides an even more stable ground of communication for everybody. 

Costume parties have a strong effect on interpersonal bonding, so they are really worth all the time and resources that go into the planning phase. 

Factors to consider before throwing a costume party

Before you even start spending money and inviting people, here are some of the core factors to consider when you want to host a costume party:

The theme – get creative when coming up with a party theme, it is going to set the pace for the main event and get people excited to show up at your party. While you are at it, make sure that you do not use a theme that will offend any set of people.

Be sensitive – this does not only apply to the costume. As you plan every aspect of the party, be sensitive to other people, their culture, and life choices. For example, dressing based on a tragic event is a very bad idea.

The treats – you already know what people get to see and eat every day, so make your costume party special by investing in the right kind of treats that don’t get to eat on a normal day.

Alcohol – If more adults will be at the party, of course, alcohol is a good idea. But be careful with the supply and strength of the alcohol you provide. You don’t want people getting drunk and messing up your party that was meant to be a form of relaxation.

Dance contests – do well to organize dance contests at the party. It will bring people out of their shells and ensure that the place is fun. Singing contests are also great. Get creative with the activities of the day and make it fun for everyone.

Getting started with costume ideas

As long as it is a costume party, this will always be the most important part of it. If you get your costumes right, no one will remember if the party had glitches or not. What will stick to their memory is the way everyone looked like the funny character they decided to dress like.

Though a lot of people like to have themes for some sort of order and uniformity, it is better to allow people to come in the costume that they prefer. Since you are the host, yours should even be more enchanting, and that will tell your invited guests that you mean business.

Scary characters from books like Dracula can be a good inspiration for a costume. You can choose to dress like a vampire and even take things further by wearing makeup of blood dripping from your mouth as you speak. 

If there will be a lot of children at your party, something less morbid will be perfect. Superhero costumes go very well in such cases and you can dress like Wonder Woman, Superman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, etc.

Choose the right venue

This has a lot to do with the number of guests that will be at your party. They will need an open space because someone might just decide to dress like a walking airplane, and such persons should be able to move around freely.

It is always great to have a costume party outdoors, as it crosses out the problem of space. But if the weather is not good enough to accommodate the idea, you can use a wide hall. If you have a relatively small number of guests, your sitting room will suffice. Just remove all your furniture and get the place ready for decoration.

The decoration is as important as the costume

After your costumes, the next thing that makes this kind of party special is the decorations. This is why you need to remove everything from your sitting room before decorating, including those paintings hanging from your walls. 

Unlike costumes that you have not 100% control over, you are fully in control of how the party venue will look, so take advantage of it and set an exciting atmosphere for your guests before they arrive.

If you already have a theme for the party, your decorations should give the vibe of that theme. For example, if the party is based on old school times like the 60s or 70s, you should decorate the place with things that will take everyone’s mind to that era.

If it is a Halloween party, you can make it scary and dark, while also maintaining beauty and fun. 

Music: get the best playlist

Apart from visuals, background music is also a good way to spice up the event. In the example of an old skool themed party, you could use the greatest hits from the 70s to grace the occasion.

There is always a perfect genre of music for a costume party with a theme. So get the best DJ and let them know what your party is all about — they always know how to keep everyone in high spirits.

Games should not be left out

With the right games at your party, guests will get connected in an easier way, even if they have never spoken to each other before. Guessing games, two-player games, team vs team games, and even trivia quizzes will ensure that everyone gets involved – especially the shy guests who don’t stand up to dance. 

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