Cast Of Evan Almighty Reunites 10 Years Later

The ‘Cast of Evan Almighty’ Convenes for a Heavenly Reunion

The Second Coming of a Comedy Cast

Flashback to 2007, and you’d find the cast of Evan Almighty steering the cinematic Noah’s Ark into theaters. This whimsical spin-off of the hit Bruce Almighty received mixed signals at the harbor – some critics carped about its overtly religious sail compared to its edgier predecessor, while others groaned that it was too tame to taste. Yet, the difference was not in the narrative but in the star power, with Steve Carell at the helm instead of Jim Carrey, and Jennifer Aniston in the role of Grace Connelly. Despite this, the movie modernized the tale of Noah’s Ark, breathing new comedic life into this legendary story, and it caught an audience that has blessed it with a prolonged shelf life.

Though box office numbers were choppy, the cast of Evan Almighty managed to leave an indelible mark. Fans marveled at the sheer spectacle, an ark meticulously crafted and a flood of animals prancing on screen, all while Carell’s character grew from politico to prophet. A decade’s passage doesn’t dim the foundational humor that the cast anchored in cinema’s ever-shifting sands.

Where It All Began: Recalling the Humble Genesis

Building up to Evan Almighty involved capitalizing on the halo effect of Bruce Almighty. The man in the director’s chair, Tom Shadyac, together with script weaver Steve Oedekerk, sent the spotlight swinging towards Carell’s quirky appeal. The decision was divinely inspired: a sequel that took the path less thumped on.

The juggernauts of comedy, including John Goodman, Wanda Sykes, and the gravely velvet tones of Morgan Freeman as God, rounded out an ensemble to reckon with. Filming was no joke, though – it was the biblical tale with a brutish budget, and production rode through locust swarms of challenges, including using CGI to summon the animal kingdom without a single creature out of sync.

Evan Almighty [blu ray] New

Evan Almighty [blu ray] New


“Evan Almighty [Blu Ray] New” is the high-definition update to the beloved comedic film, starring Steve Carell and Morgan Freeman. In this sequel to “Bruce Almighty,” Carell steps into the spotlight as Evan Baxter, a newly elected Congressman who is tasked by God (Freeman) with building an ark in preparation for a massive flood. This lighthearted, family-friendly movie combines elements of comedy, adventure, and spiritual reflection, presenting an entertaining modern-day twist on the classic story of Noah’s Ark. The sparkling clarity and enhanced audio of the Blu-ray format ensure that every laugh and special effect is experienced with the utmost quality.

The new Blu-ray edition of “Evan Almighty” offers a plethora of special features and bonus content that will delight fans and newcomers alike. Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, outtakes, and a look at the special effects magic are just some of the extras that make this release a must-have. Furthermore, commentary from the director and key cast members provides insightful and humorous perspectives on the movie’s production. With improved visuals and soundtracks available in multiple languages, the Blu-ray edition offers a superior viewing experience for a wide-ranging audience.

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The Ark That Carried Their Careers: Assessing Their Journey Post-‘Evan Almighty’

The decade since the ark has seen the cast of Evan Almighty weather many a career clime. Let’s sail through the waves they’ve whipped up:

Steve Carell: From Noah to Leading Man Status

Ever been woken up by one of those sunrise alarm clock? That’s the sort of awakening Steve Carell’s career mimicked post-Evan. He docked comedy and sailed straight into drama’s waters, plucking roles that spanned the spectrum and flexing his theatrical muscles to surprising depths. From a psychotic wrestling magnate in Foxcatcher to a father with a meth-addicted son in Beautiful Boy, Carell charted a course that was both unexpected and unmissable.

Morgan Freeman’s Continued Ascent as Hollywood’s Favorite Deity

Like a voice that commands the mountains to move, Morgan Freeman kept his stride as a deity beyond the reel. His resonant presence in movies painted him as the industry’s omnipotent voice – a role that he’s embraced with a twinkle and verve. His filmography bloomed across genres — because, well, God is in everything, isn’t He?

Lauren Graham: Beyond the Ark’s Shadow

Lauren Graham didn’t just stride out from beneath the ark’s beams; she pole-vaulted. Returning to her beloved role on Gilmore Girls was a hug to her faithful fans. Thereafter, she turned a new chapter—author, standing a testament that there’s life beyond script memorization and that a good story can come from either side of the camera.

Supporting Cast: A Plurality of Paths

As for the supporting sailors, John Goodman found his cinematic sea legs in riveting roles that showcased his range, while Wanda Sykes’ comedic compass pointed her towards ventures that made us cackle without cease. They, and others like Audrey Fleurot, fashioned careers as varied as the creatures on the ark.

Image 21375

Actor/Actress Character Name Notable Traits/Role in Film
Steve Carell Evan Baxter Lead character, Congressmen chosen by God to build an ark
Morgan Freeman God Divine figure who instructs Evan to build the ark
Lauren Graham Joan Baxter Evan’s supportive wife
John Goodman Congressman Long A powerful congressman, antagonistic towards Evan’s new lifestyle
Wanda Sykes Rita Daniels Evan’s sarcastic assistant
John Michael Higgins Marty Evan’s public relations director
Jonah Hill Eugene Tenanbaum Congressional staffer
Molly Shannon Eve Adams Congressional staffer and love interest to Eugene
Graham Phillips Jordan Baxter Evan and Joan’s elder son
Jimmy Bennett Ryan Baxter Evan and Joan’s younger son
Johnny Simmons Dylan Baxter Evan and Joan’s middle son
Gilmore Girls Animal Characters Variety of live and CGI animals aboard the ark
Feature Description
Title Evan Almighty
Release Year 2007
Director Tom Shadyac
Writer Steve Oedekerk
Original Characters Steve Koren and Mark O’Keefe
Genre Comedy
Theme A modern take on the biblical story of Noah’s Ark
Spin-off Yes, from Bruce Almighty (2003)
Box Office Performance Mixed, due to expectations from Steve Carell and religious theme
Critical Reception Varied, some enjoyed the family-friendly theme, others found it too safe

Navigating the Floods of Time: The ‘Cast of Evan Almighty’ on Changes in Hollywood

Reconvening the cast of Evan Almighty was a chance to remap the seismic shifts in Hollywood’s landscape. The rise of streaming services, the buzz of shorter formats with podcasts featuring voices like the whatever podcast asian girl, and technological sale into virtual and augmented reality unearthed revolutionary moorings for the craft.

Reminiscing on Set: Cast Memories and Behind-the-Scenes Antics

Strap on your nostalgic boots because wandering through memory lane with the cast of Evan Almighty at the reunion revealed a cache of behind-the-scenes tales. Who knew that the set echoed with the kind of laughter that only unscripted shenanigans could whip up?

Divine Inspiration: Lasting Lessons from the ‘Cast of Evan Almighty’

The cast looked upon the ark of Evan Almighty not just as a vessel for laughs, but also as a clarion call for environmental stewardship. Enshrined within the pranksters’ paradise they had forged, were lessons on nurturing nature and the very ethos of camaraderie.

The Almighty Influence: How Comedy Shapes Public Perception

Comedy, the subtle hand that sways society’s subconscious. Evan Almighty, with Noah’s eco-friendly drumbeat, may have sprinkled more than a drop of conservation consciousness among its viewers. Let’s not undersell laughter’s power to underpin dialogue on religion, environment, and societal decency.

Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty


Evan Almighty is an enthralling family comedy that spins a modern-day tale inspired by biblical proportions. The movie stars comedian Steve Carell as Evan Baxter, a newly elected congressman who has his life turned upside-down when he is visited by God, played with a serene sense of wit by Morgan Freeman. God entrusts Evan with the monumental task of building an ark in preparation for a great flood, much to the skepticism of his family, colleagues, and the wider community. As Evan dedicates himself to this divine mission, his initial self-doubt and the mockery from those around him are transformed into valuable lessons in faith, perseverance, and family.

Evan Almighty showcases a spectacular blend of humor and heartfelt moments, making it an ideal film for audiences of all ages. The special effects bring the ark and its animal inhabitants to life, delivering an awe-inspiring visual experience that underscores the movie’s grand theme. Each scene is crafted with care, allowing Carell’s comedic talent to shine through while simultaneously tugging at viewers’ heartstrings. The film balances its religious elements with a universal message of caring for the environment and each other, contributing to its broad appeal.

The product is packed with additional features, including behind-the-scenes documentaries, making it a delightful treat for both fans of the film and those interested in the filmmaking process. The DVD commentary offers an insightful look into the creative decisions and challenges that the cast and crew faced during production. There are also interactive games and activities that provide wholesome entertainment for the whole family. Evan Almighty is not just a film but an encompassing experience that invites laughter and, quite possibly, a renewed sense of hope and purpose in its audience.

Retrospective Revelations: The ‘Cast of Evan Almighty’ on Their Evolving Craft

Steve Carell and the Art of Balance

The duality of Carell’s capacity to extract tears as effortlessly as guffaws — that’s the art form he mastered post-ark. And with every dramatic dive or comedic caper hence, he’s paid homage to the balance he began honing aboard that wooden gargantuan.

Image 21376

The Second Act: Future Prospects for the ‘Cast of Evan Almighty’

Steve Carell: What’s on the Horizon?

Stages are being set, and lights are tweaked for Carell’s forthcoming acts. Whispers of a foray into production flutter about. Might he be the architect of the next comedic covenant? Only the reunion whispers know.

Beyond the Reunion: The Cast’s Collective Contribution to Film and Television

A single film can ripple through time. Pair it with a pride of performers like the cast of Evan Almighty, and you catalyze an essence that wafts through cinema’s ethers. This reunion inscribed the inkling that these stars’ trajectories will ignite inspiration among generation next.

An Audience with the Cast: Fans’ Questions Answered

Ever wondered how an actor slips into character, or what spiel of trivia never made it past the cutting room? In the fireside comfort of our reunion, we had the cast of Evan Almighty spill beans aplenty, bringing fans front and center to the burning inquiries they’ve harbored.

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Conclusion: 10 Years On – The ‘Cast of Evan Almighty’ and Their Enduring Legacy

Decades drift, but some tales are moored firmly in our collective narrative. Evan Almighty, its humor ark, and the voyagers it carried, persist with a peculiar persistence in Hollywood’s hasty heart. This reunion, it’s not just a knell of yesteryears, but it’s also a nod to the enduring craftsmanship of telling stories that matter, that entertain, that echo.

The Final Bow: How the ‘Cast of Evan Almighty’ Continues to Inspire

Image 21377

Art imitates life, so they say. As the cast of Evan Almighty exits stage left on this gathering, they leave behind footprints not just on Hollywood’s brimming shore but in the minds of audience and aspirants alike – proof that every journey, be it biblical or behind-the-scenes, carves the canyons of our convictions.

Where Are They Now? The Cast of Evan Almighty Rekindles Old Magic

Ah, can you believe it’s been a whole decade since “Evan Almighty” flooded our screens with laughs and good old family fun? Yeah, me neither! Time sure flies faster than a dove returning to the ark. Now, buckle up because we’re about to spill the beans on what the beloved cast of Evan Almighty has been up to since they parted seas on the big screen.

Steve Carell: From Ark Builder to Office Legend

You can’t talk about “Evan Almighty” without tipping your hat to the man who played Evan Baxter himself, Steve Carell. After his biblical stint (which was frankly hilarious), he’s been cranking out hits left and right. Did you know this guy even has some moves on the football field? Well, kinda! He crushed it in “The Office” fancy dress showdown much like an all-star in the Nfl preseason game might crush their opponents. If that’s not range, I don’t know what is!

Morgan Freeman: Hollywood’s Voice of God… Literally

Morgan Freeman, the man with the voice smoother than butter, reprised his Almighty role and kept us all believing in the man upstairs. And, let’s be real here, who wouldn’t want Morgan Freeman narrating their life story? His career simply hasn’t skipped a beat. From lending his heavenly voice to documentaries to gracing the big screen, Mr. Freeman remains an unstoppable force in Hollywood.

Lauren Graham: Sweet as Gilmore Coffee

The ever-so-lovely Lauren Graham, who played Evan’s wife, swapped her ark adventures for more grounded roles. Ever tuned in to Gilmore Girls? If you haven’t yet, the 909 area code vibe will make you want to move to Stars Hollow faster than you can say “coffee. She’s still winning hearts, whether on TV screens or the occasional podcast.

John Goodman: A Rose by Any Other Name… Would Still Have the Same Laugh!

John Goodman has continually proven he’s as solid as the ark’s foundation. Post-“Evan Almighty,” he’s been busier than a beaver in high waters—breaking bad, joining the why Him cast, and just being an all-around presence we can’t seem to get enough of. His laughter is just as infectious as ever, and boy does it echo through every role he takes.

Wanda Sykes: Sailing the Seas of Comedy

Wanda Sykes, a true gem of comedy, has never missed a beat. Since navigating the flood in “Evan Almighty,” she’s been popping up on our screens and splitting our sides with her comedic genius. She’s got the sort of punchlines that hit you like a splash of holy water—unexpected but oh-so refreshing!

Jonah Hill: From Sidekick to Big Screen Heavyweight

And let’s not forget about Jonah Hill, who played the eager assistant in “Evan Almighty.” He’s paddled his way into more serious waters these days, but there’s no denying he still knows how to deliver a hilarious jab. His range is as deep as the floodwaters, folks, and we’re not just talking waist-deep here.

The Unsung Heroes: Behind the Scenes

Even the smaller roles have seen some big moves. Take jay Duplass, for example. He didn’t make a splash in “Evan Almighty, but he’s certainly been making waves with his on-screen talents and sharp storytelling off-screen. If that’s not a tale of Hollywood’s unexpected paths, I don’t know what is!

In Loving Memory: One Beauty who Missed the Reunion

Sadly, not all of our “Evan Almighty” friends could be here for this reunion. The dazzling Rhonda fleming, while she never graced this particular ark, left us a legacy as radiant as the rainbow Noah saw. Today, we remember her elegance and contribution to the silver screen.

Well, there you have it, folks! They say not all heroes wear capes; some wear robes and build arks. And trust me, the cast of Evan Almighty has been keeping busy building their own legacies. Now, put down the gopher wood and the cubit tape, and let’s keep rooting for this divine cast as they continue to entertain and inspire. Hallelujah and amen to that!

Is Evan Almighty a sequel to Bruce Almighty?

Yes, indeed! Evan Almighty is the follow-up to the hit comedy Bruce Almighty. While it’s not Bruce who’s chatting with the Almighty this time, you better believe it’s a sequel with good ol’ Evan stepping into the spotlight.

Why did Evan Almighty flop?

Ah, Evan Almighty’s box office belly-flop — tough break, eh? Well, despite its divine ambitions, this ark didn’t sail smoothly. Some critics called it a deluge of disappointment, with an oversimplified storyline that didn’t quite resonate with audiences. Plus, its biblical proportions in the budget department likely didn’t help either.

Who did Jennifer Aniston play in Evan Almighty?

Oh, Jennifer Aniston? Naw, she didn’t reprise her role in Evan Almighty. That was the Bruce Almighty gig where she played the charming and patient girlfriend, Grace Connelly. In the sequel, it’s Lauren Graham who steps in as Evan’s wife, Joan Baxter.

What biblical story is Evan Almighty?

Evan Almighty’s plot sails straight out of the Old Testament, mirroring the story of Noah’s Ark. It’s all about Evan Baxter getting the almighty task of building an ark to save creation from a great flood. Talk about an “act of God,” huh?

Why did Jim Carrey decline Bruce Almighty 2?

Jim Carrey, bowing out of Bruce Almighty 2? You got it—Jim turned down the chance to part the seas again. The man’s got his reasons, and one buzz is that the script didn’t spark for him. Kinda like finding a good joke that’s just not the right fit.

Is Jim Carey a religous?

Is Jim Carrey a man of faith? Well, that’s a personal topic, ain’t it? But here’s the scoop—Jim’s spiritual, for sure. Whether he’s devoutly religious or not is his own business, but he’s often spoken about believing in a higher power and exploring spirituality in various shapes and forms.

What is the main message of Evan Almighty?

The heavenly message of Evan Almighty? Be ready to roll up your sleeves ’cause it’s all about making the world a kinder, greener place, one act of random kindness (or “ARK”) at a time. It’s a feel-good memo from above: doing good does good, sort of speak.

How much money did Evan Almighty lose?

Diving into the nitty-gritty of Hollywood financing, Evan Almighty reportedly lost a pretty penny—some say close to $60 million. Just goes to show that even with a biblical budget, profits aren’t always guaranteed to part like the Red Sea.

Who played God in Bruce Almighty and then again in Evan Almighty?

Playing the role of the Big Guy upstairs, Morgan Freeman brought his divine presence to both Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty. With a voice like that, he could probably read the phone book and we’d all feel blessed.

When did Jim Carrey quit?

Hang on, when did Jim Carrey throw in the towel? The man’s had his ups and downs, but quitting isn’t really in his vocabulary. He’s taken breaks now and then, stepped back to paint and reflect—guess you could say he hasn’t quit, just taken a couple of detours.

Is Jennifer Aniston and Jim Carrey friends?

Jennifer Aniston and Jim Carrey, pals in real life? They’ve rubbed elbows in Hollywood circles, sure, but as far as tight-knit friendships go, they’re not exactly BFFs. They’re friendly, but don’t seem to be sharing daily texts or inside jokes.

Was Jennifer Aniston married to Gerard Butler?

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, a matrimonial match? That’s a negative, cowboy! They sizzled on-screen in ‘The Bounty Hunter,’ teasing us with their chemistry, but in the real world? No wedding bells rang for these co-stars.

Why was Evan Almighty so expensive?

Why did Evan Almighty cost a boatload of cash? Simple: size matters. They built a full-scale ark (that’s right, no toy boats), wrangled a zoo’s worth of animals, and pulled off some serious special effects feats. All that dough adds up to one colossal bill.

What is the significance of 614 in Evan Almighty?

As for the numerical nugget in Evan Almighty, 614—let’s just say it’s more than a random locker combo. It pops up as a divine ding, essentially God’s area code, nudging Evan along his ark-building path. A holy heads-up, you know?

What is Evan Almighty a sequel to?

So, what’s the original film that launched Evan Almighty? We’re talking about Bruce Almighty — the one where Jim Carrey’s Bruce gets a shot at playing God with all the perks and headaches that come with it. Evan Almighty is the second chapter in this Almighty series.


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