The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Nicolas Cage is in Prime Form in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Nicolas Cage is our only Nicolas Cage. We will never forget him. In The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent, he plays the role of Nic Cage, a movie star who is trying to escape from a mob boss (who happens to be Nic Cage’s number-one fan).

Nic Cage is an actor that has been polarizing for his generation. While his acting style might not be controversial, it is certainly one that will make you laugh. Cage is the most meme-worthy actor working in show business. He’s known to make his performances sound like a slapstick jokes. Some may say that Cage doesn’t make a good actor. Others might see it in another way.

Cage seems to be recovering from setbacks like the IRS’s 6.3 million dollar property tax bill and his divorce from his fifth woman. He did four movies a month to get himself out of debt, without having to file for bankruptcy. Some of the films were made straight to DVD. However, the actor said in an interview with GQ that he had never called [his performances] in.”

Cage has gained a lot of fan base-his Reddit AMA [Ask Me Anything] received more questions than former President Barack Obama’s-and director/writer pair Tom Gormican/Kevin Etten appear to be two of them. Cage was the only possible actor to play the role. They sent the script to studios. Lionsgate took it up without even asking Cage.

Cage was reluctant at first but eventually agreed to the film. The film is a celebration his career. Cage plays a more exaggerated, naive version of himself. This is before he accepts a one-million-dollar contract to appear at the party of a superfan who lives on a Croatian island. Pedro Pascal plays the superfan. He is later revealed to be a drug kingpin under CIA surveillance. Cage is recruited to defeat Pascal by the CIA, much to Cage’s dismay.

Cage’s life is not shown in the movie. Cage, for example, isn’t trying to rekindle a relationship with his child, but there’s a subplot about it.

But the trailer does show that there are some real-life parallels. It includes references to movies Cage has starred and even shows him as a younger version. Verge has an interview with Tom Gormican. Cage suggested that Gormican French liquify another version of himself, and he agreed to direct the film.

The film has an impressive 96% score on Rotten Tomatoes. That makes it one of the most anticipated films in this year’s calendar. Cage is proud of the film. It has also reinvigorated his passion for dramatic performance. He said that he was interested in a musical and expressed this desire at the film’s premiere. We are open to any and all possibilities, no matter what the next steps may be. We’re sure it’ll be enjoyable at the most.

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