The Batman makes “Something in the Way” by Nirvana soar up the Billboard charts.

It’s no surprise that Nirvana is a popular trend in 2022. The famed caped crusader is the reason Gen Z-ers don’t still have their band shirts, and it’s not because they aren’t wearing them anymore. Matt Reeve’s The Batman features Nirvana’s “Something In the Way” several times throughout the film. After the film’s release, total streaming has increased 1200% in just four days.

The song appears on “Nevermind”, one of the most acclaimed and critically acclaimed albums by the band. It had only 72,000 streams prior to the movie’s release. In March, the MRC reported that it had 1.2 million streams.

The song is definitely a deep cut of Nevermind. It’s interesting, considering its use in the film. The song tells a dark and sad story about homelessness. It’s a stark contrast to Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, who is one Gotham’s most prominent social figures. The song could provide a glimpse into Wayne’s thoughts, as he hunts for criminals on the streets.

Pattinson is Batman in his second year. It’s clear that he has not yet fully mastered his role as the World’s Greatest Detective. He is required to be Batman in order to portray Bruce Wayne with confidence. Pattinson’s Batman is not yet able to demonstrate these skills, but he does make an effort to do so in later scenes. Empire heard Reeves tell Empire that the song had an influence on his portrayal Bruce Wayne.

“…It occurred to me that rather than making Bruce Wayne the playboy version, I should make another version of Bruce Wayne, who had suffered a great loss and became a recluse. This was when I realized that Gus Van Sant’s Last Days had a connection and that Kurt Cobain could be a fictionalized version.

“Something in the Way” is an unusual choice for the highly-publicized film. It is not even considered a standout tune on the album. It is the last song on an album if you don’t include the hidden song ( Endless and Nameless). This could be parallel to Riddler’s clues that lead to his next victim throughout the film.

The film’s plot, cinematography and musical composition all seem to be in sync with Reeves’ Batman directorial debut.


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