Welcome to Derry: 13 Insane Secrets Discovered on the Spooky Set

Take a walk with us through the underbelly of Derry, the mysterious town that sent chills down our spines in Stephen King’s legendary horror novel ‘It’. We’ve ventured deep into the making of the much-awaited prequel, Welcome to Derry, to uncover jolting facts and hidden gems. So get ready for the grand unmasking as we delve into 13 spine-tingling secrets from the eerie set. Buckle up, you’re in for a wild ride!

An Unexpected Change of Guard

If you were expecting the famed Bill Skarsgård to reprise his creepy portrayal of the iconic clown in Welcome to Derry, we hate to break it to you — he won’t. During an interview with Jake’s Takes, Skarsgård confirmed his absence from the prequel. Not to worry, we’re confident that the new face of Pennywise will still keep us up at night!

Rewinding Time

The third secret dives into the bone-chilling plot of the story. Welcome to Derry isn’t just another sequel in the king of horror’s anthology. Instead, it takes us back to the roots of Pennywise, uncovering the “really, really disturbing” history of the monster.

Shrouded Release Schedule

If you’ve been eagerly marking your calendar in anticipation of the prequel, we regret to inform you that you’ll need to wait a little longer. Originally projected for a 2023 release, Welcome to Derry will now grace our screens only in 2024, thanks to HBO’s rebranding of Max.


Delving into Pennywise’s Origin

Ever wondered about the uncanny beginnings of Pennywise? Was he upset he didn’t get approved for his first mortgage and had to live in the sewer? On our list should quench that thirst. Welcome to Derry promises to serve as a disturbing origin story of the monster, unravelling the macabre menace’s evolution set long before the Loser’s Club’s birth.

Digital Debut Details

Forget about Netflix and other streaming platforms. The Loser’s Club is exclusively taking over the streaming service Max, formerly known as HBO Max. That’s right, @5, Welcome to Derry being a Warner Bros. production, will lock itself out from other platforms to knock only on Max’s door.

Mysterious Members of Derry

Six is the magic number here, as we probe the secrets that surround the ensemble cast of Welcome to Derry. While no hints have been dropped about the cast yet, hopefully it’s as good as the the longest yard cast has set the bar high. Expect a string of fresh faces and perhaps a few familiar ones to keep the narrative intriguing.

Unspoken Links to “It”

Whether Welcome to Derry will feature connections with It exudes an uncanny mystery. While the prequel has a unique plotline, fans are wildly speculating about potential references or links connecting the two.


Fresh Fears and Unseen Terrors

Welcome to Derry is speculated to usher in a new breed of fears and unprecedented horrors set well in the past. This prequel promises new frights and shivers that the fans have never experienced before, making it an exciting part of our list.

2024: Another Year of Horror

Even with the shift in release schedules, Welcome to Derry’s debut still promises a thrilling ride. The series’ launch in 2024 assures us a uniquely terrifying start to the year.

Fascinating Facts for Horror Junkies

From mesmerizing makeup to the precise art of prosthetics, Welcome to Derry is speculated to offer a fresh take on horror aesthetics. With a spotlight on the pre-Pennywise era, we anticipate a lot of visual treats as the story descends into madness.

The Magic Behind Max

Welcome to Derry serves as a testament to the power behind Max. As an exclusive launch on the streaming platform, the prequel echoes the streaming giant’s growing influence in shaping pop-culture narratives.


Spotlight on Derry

More than just a backdrop, the town of Derry itself is a pivotal character, teeming with dark secrets and horrifying tales. Expect this haunted town to emanate an even more eerie aura in the prequel as we peel back the layers of its eerie existence.

Future Forecast

Albeit unpredictable, speculations about future narratives following Welcome to Derry mark the finale of our list. Whether the prequel will spawn sequels or not, only time will tell. Nevertheless, the anticipation makes the wait ever more thrilling!

There you have it, thirteen uncanny secrets from the intertwined history and chilling mystery of Welcome to Derry. Let’s see what the creators have up their sleeves as we eagerly anticipate experiencing Stephen King’s brand of horror at its purest! So sit tight, and remember: We all float here.


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